Premiere, Mysterious Island - Ion Creanga Theater

Premiere, Mysterious Island - Ion Creanga Theater

Ion Creanga Theater celebrates the International Day of the Theater for Children and Youth with a new show - "Mysterious Island".

"Mysterious Island" is a story that feeds fantasy. It is the dream of any young man who wants to invent ingenious tools and test his knowledge of geography. It is the symbol of adventure through which you discover the world and know yourself, talking about courage, about the role of science, about nature and about humanity.

Ion Creanga Theater joins theaters and theater companies that celebrate, on March 20, the International Day of the Theater for Children and Youth, a special day, greeted annually with new programs and projects meant to offer the smallest of the spectators memorable experiences and electrifying. Such an experience, full of adventures and suspense, is also the new production of the Ion Creanga Theater - "Mysterious Island" - a show that brings to the stage the adventures and mysteries of Jules Verne's novels.

Dramatized by Elise Wilk, "Mysterious Island" reminds Robinson Crusoe and Indiana Jones of adventure games in which you must always be careful about the clues to know what will happen next. And the meeting with the heroes of Jules Verne is indeed a unique one: the characters descend from the stage, approach or move away from the public, using the theater hall unconventionally. Thus, with the help of sound effects and projections, the space is transformed into the universe of a mysterious and isolated island in the Pacific.

The premiere is scheduled on March 17, 7pm, giving the start of an ICT marathon of 10 shows that will take place on March 17-21, on the occasion of the International Children's Theater Day. The premiere, hosted by the Excelsior Theater, will be preceded by the exposition of the volcano models made by students of the Step by Step school, partner of the Ion Creanga Theater.

Although not included in the school syllabus, Jules Verne is still one of the most popular authors of youth literature, his vast work influencing many generations of readers. Over time, many of the fantasies imagined by the novelist have become reality, and his stories - transposed and adapted for the stage, for the small screen or for the cinema - continue to fascinate and nourish the fantasy of young people, talking about courage, about science , nature and humanity.

The mysterious Island

Directed by: Theodor-Cristian Popescu

Set design: Mihai Pacurar

Light design: Lucian Moga

Sound design: Yves Chamberland

With: Cezar-Vlad Popescu, Voicu Hetel, Mihai Cojocaru, Oliviu-Cristian Bughiu, Daniel Tudorica and Ionut Antonie

A show for children over 7 years old

Duration: 1h15min

Tickets are available at the Ion Creanga Theater Ticket Office (Piata Amzei, no. 13) and in the Eventim network, online at, and at the partner stores: Germanos, Domo, Vodafone, Orange, Carturesti and Humanitas Libraries .

Further details and information are available on the website and The contact person is Anca Scurtu, PR Coordinator, e-mail [email protected], no. goal. 0723,513,338.

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