What to offer to children instead of toys

What to offer to children instead of toys

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Our houses become timeless for all the toys that are collected from year to year. The children see their friends and they have to have them, the TV ads abound with wonderful toys that every child wants and the special days of the year are a good opportunity to receive toys from both parents and grandparents. you know each other. And yet, the childhood of our little ones means more than toys.

So do you sometimes think about what else you can offer to the little one other than toys? We come to your aid with some ideas:

- A custom shirt or mug: whether it is a picture with him, his family, a favorite character or a simple funny message, the little one will surely enjoy and value him above any toy.

- Movie tickets, a children's play or concert: always buy at least two, you will have the opportunity to invite a friend and so you can socialize and share a beautiful memory with your closest friend.

- A sleeping bag or even a tent, if you don't already have one: it is a wonderful opportunity to spend a night under the open sky, away from the infernal noise of the city.

- A basket with items needed for manual work: as varied and diverse as possible, urge him to let his imagination fly, you will be amazed at what he can do with his gloves with the necessary tools.

- A cradle covered by pictures with the little one over the years and in various situations: it will be like a much more successful photo album and more handy to "browse". It will quickly transform into the indefinite element in the child's sleep ritual.

- Evening at the movie right at home: Instead of hitting the road to the cinema, simply prepare a bowl with flowers and some candy to enjoy in front of the TV, and watch a movie or cartoon with the little one.

- Give him a personalized gift card "your special day": Give the child the opportunity to choose how to spend a whole day with you, to decide what activities to do together or what places to visit.

- A special photo frame with a picture of your favorite: we know that today the phone harbors most of the memories, but a photo on paper with you two smiling wide will go to your soul.

- Room decorations: there are various decorations that you just have to glue to the walls and they will beautify the room in a flash, you can even try to make something special for the little one, or why not, even with him. Maybe a great picture comes out.

- A hand clock: As they grow up, the little ones start to become more and more aware of the time, the hours of play, bedtime, watching various favorite TV shows. Teach him to read the clock, even this can be a fun activity to do together.

- A box full of various sports equipment: because the little ones have a lot of energy to consume, and because you know how important the movement is both for the disconnection of the child and for a harmonious development.

- A towel or a bathrobe fluffy and funny: who does not like to wrap his body in the softest cotton after leaving the bathroom?

- A sewing machine suitable for children: if your little girl has already started to make clothes for her dolls, maybe it's time to give her a sewing machine for children. Who knows, maybe this will open up their appetite for fashion design!

- A pajamas party, a tea party or even a themed party: the little one will be delighted by any activity with you, along with your favorite dolls or costume in his beloved characters.

- A kit for making masks: paint, glue, trim and in the shortest time you will have both wonderful masks for a masked ball organized right in your living room.

- A mini kitchen: all the kids love to play in the kitchens and they are really clever in making delicious fancy menus.

- A permit to the library: because any books you already have at home, there are always more to discover.

- A voucher to a favorite clothing store: give him the opportunity to choose an outfit for his taste, from head to toe.

- A bracelet or a chain with a custom pendant: Although jewelry is supposed to be a suitable gift for adults, the little one will value it and can keep it as a souvenir to mark a special occasion.

- Two train tickets to your destination… anywhere in the country! As most families have at least one car, the child is often deprived of the experience of traveling by train, which for children is often more fascinating than the destination itself. Plus you have the opportunity to visit a new city, ready to be discovered at your feet.

- A kit of experiments or gardening: just because you live in the block does not mean that the little one cannot have his own plant in the pot, or that in the absence of a laboratory he cannot experiment as he pleases to see various chemical reactions.

If you sometimes feel like buying toys or other things just for the sake of buying, try these gift ideas to mark special times. A toy enjoys the little one at the moment, but a special and personalized gift according to his preferences, surely will not be passed on to "ordinary gifts" and will remain imprinted in memory.

Give your child experiences from the most diverse and he will definitely stay far longer than any interactive or educational toy can teach him. How many times have you not been asked: "what does your child want for his birthday, or what does he not have?". Let those around you satisfy their material desires and buy the various toys they want, and you focus on their experiences. This does not mean that you can no longer offer her toys from time to time, but rather try to fill the house with toys, to fill her child's time and soul with you and with constructive activities.

Yes, material gifts bring smiles to those who receive them, we all want certain items that we see on the shelves of shops, in commercials on TV or we see in other people, but the physical time spent with the child is invaluable. . He may not remember the toy he received as a gift on his 7th birthday, but he will certainly not forget his picnic in the living room on a rainy autumn day, or how you stayed up all night to watch the constellations from the sky and then you slept in the tent ... in the garden of the house!

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