The Tandaric Animation Theater celebrates the International Day of the Theater for Children and Youth and the World Puppet Day

The Tandaric Animation Theater celebrates the International Day of the Theater for Children and Youth and the World Puppet Day

At the Tandarica Theater Two full anniversary days follow: On Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21, the theater in Lahovari Square celebrates the International Day of the Theater for Children and Youth, respectively the World Puppet Day through a program designed for both the young, the faithful audience, and for teens, adults and stage professionals.

Thus, the day of March 20 begins with the show Croitorasul the braea, dedicated to children over 3 years. The event is under the banner of Take a child to the theater, which takes place worldwide ASSITEJ International.

The International Day of the Theater for Children and Youth continues, in tandem, starting at 19.00, with the premiere of the show The Assembly of Birds, inspired by the Persian eponymous poem by Farid Uddin Attar. Non-verbal show for adults, resumed almost 20 years after the first staging, the Assembly of Birds, directed by Cristian Pepino, brings back the topic of searching for a meaning and the evidence that humanity faces on this road.

Compared with the original poem (or with the dramatization of Peter Brook and Jean-Claude Carriere from 1979), the author of this text has taken into account first of all the value and universal human dimension of the Persian poet Farid UDdin Attar's thinking, of Eastern philosophy, of advanced thinking. and self-knowledge. The long and difficult path of "initiation" in the Assembly of birds, of the great journey, departs at Attar, compared to the other Eastern philosophers and writers, from "heaven" and becomes the demonstration of the truth of the earth, of the truth of man - the only culprit and responsible of his destiny. It is precisely this fundamental feature of Attar's literature, this detachment of religion, this broadly humanistic opening of his thinking, that explains the Tandaric Theater's option for transposing this text into a non-verbal, visual performance. He retains, on the other hand, the beauty and originality of Oriental thought, but departs from the landed fanaticism of monotheistic beliefs, especially Islamic ones, in favor of rationalism, and of a real meaning for a real life. "Initiation" thus becomes a fact of knowledge in the act and "for me", a path of consciousness towards itself, the unique basis of any authentic existence in social frameworks.

The performance will be followed by the launch of the volume Papusi, directors, teachers, signed by the musician Dan Balan, a name related to many of the successful performances of the Tandar Animation Theater.

On Saturday, March 21, the Tandarica theater is under the sign of International Puppet Day, the UNIMA holiday. On this occasion, the Tantarica proposes to the lovers of the puppet theater a classic play - Scufita Rosie - the adaptation of the text of the Grimm brothers, intended for children over 3 years and their parents. The show retains the spirit of the classic story, but adds a series of details of the modern world that bring a cheerful, engaging, colorful and musical atmosphere. Little Red Riding Hood is the prototype of the sugary little girl, heartless but slightly obedient.

March 20-21


20.03, 10:00 am

The Brave Seamstress

Adaptation after the Brothers Grimm

Script and artistic direction: Daniel Stanciu

Scenography: Marian Sandu

3D graphics: Radu Constantinescu

Musical illustration: Vasile Manta

Distribution: Florin Mititelu, Jou Jou Dragan, Simina Constantin, Viorel Ionescu, Paul Ionescu

The main figure of the story is a poor tailor, whose parents start when, upset that he does not let him eat quietly, he kills with seven towels. delighted by his deed, he sews on his arm the phrase "seven in one blow". This encryption will bring him unexpected fame and wealth. At the show staged in tandem, the novelty comes from digital graphics and animation, specially designed and designed for this show and that folds on the handling of dolls, musical accents and scenographic elements.

3+ 60 min

20.03, 7pm

Poultry Assembly (adult show)

by Farid Uddin Attar

Scenario: Cristian Pepino, following an idea by Michaela Tonitza Iordache

Directed by: Cristian Pepino

Music: Dan Balan, Gabriel Apostol

Voice training: Decebal Marin

Handling dolls: Ioan Brancu

Scenic movement: Liliana Gavrilescu

Distribution: Ioan Brancu, Gabriel Apostol, Liliana Gavrilescu, Decebal Marin, Geo Dinescu, Marin Fagu, Cristian Mitescu, Andreea Ionescu, Ramona Vornicu, Cristina tane

Grown ups; 60 min; nonverbally

20.03, 20.00 Book launch Dan Balan, Puppets, directors, teachers

Saturday, 21.03 - International Puppet Day

10:00 and 12:00

Red Riding Hood

Adaptation after the Brothers Grimm by Cristian Pepino and Gabriel Apostol

Directed by: Gabriel Apostol

Set design: Cristina Pepino

Music: Dan Balan

Distribution: Alina Teianu / Dora Ortelecan Dumitrescu, Ioana Chelaru / Gratiela Ene, Cristian Mitescu / Marin Fagu, Florin Mititelu / Roxana Visan, Mariana Zaharia / Geo Dinescu

3+ 50 min

Tandarica Theater is a landmark for the Romanian animation theater. Founded in 1945, with a time-consolidated repertoire strategy and a portfolio of titles from Romanian and universal literature that need no introduction (Pinocchio, Cinderella, Three-goat goat, Two-money bag, Pacala, The three pigs, Alladin's Lamp, the Motanul inaltat, etc.), the Tandarica Theater is permanently aiming to align the animation theater and the visual theater in Romania with the world trends.

The theater is thus constantly involved in initiatives that have the role of promoting and increasing the quality of Romanian visual and animation theater: programs for debutant artists, the Studio Animart project (where free adaptations of classical works are played: Faust, Candid, Play Shakespeare, Golem or Galaxy Svejk) and already established international festivals - Summer Festival "Theater, street and child" (reached the third edition), respectively the International Festival of Animation Theater (reached the edition with number 10) .

The 2014 season at the Tandarica Animation Theater meant the staging of 30 own shows (to these an average of 40 shows invited to festivals) and a total of 504 performances that attracted over 100,000 spectators.

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