I can't get pregnant

I can't get pregnant


- My problem is the following: I want to get pregnant and I can't succeed! Until this age I was no longer pregnant and had no abortion, they did not use contraceptives, only condoms and the calendar method, as contraception methods. I am married for 1 year and we really want to have 1 child! I tried with the fertile period, but ... nothing. Please tell me what to do!


First, the diagnosis of infertility is made if a couple fails to obtain a pregnancy after a period of at least two years of tests, through normal, regular, correctly coordinated heterosexual contacts regarding the period of ovulation (it is the period more fertile, usually located in the middle of the period between two menses).
In your case infertility is considered primary (because you have not been pregnant so far). The nature of the unilateral ovarian cyst, which may be a cause of your infertility (whether it is a cyst that is due to a hormonal imbalance, an imbalance that can affect your ovulatory function, implicitly your reproductive or it must be investigated first) it is a cyst of any other nature, but which causes a local and general inflammatory response with the same consequences).

Following the discovery of the nature of this change, therapeutic behavior in this regard can be instituted, following which the correction of the deficiencies will be passed to a series of other clinical examinations and paraclinical investigations, in order to establish other possible causes of infertility.

If the treating physician considers that the nature of the cyst and its size does not indicate solitary drug therapy, he may decide on a therapeutic behavior that will also include a surgical intervention to resolve both the ovarian cyst and the correction of any changes in structure presumed to exist. the level of the internal genital organs (modification of the structure of the tubes of the tubes, of the ovarian envelope, etc.).
Do not specify anything about your age, about current illnesses or as part of the history of your illnesses, otherwise, the data presented by you in general are quite summary; but, in any case, I do not know to what extent the natural treatments can have the expected efficiency in this regard; What I do know, however, is that good collaboration between you and the attending physician is needed in the management of this delicate problem, infertility.

Good health!

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