Teach the child to brush his teeth alone

Teach the child to brush his teeth alone

Teeth brushing is a process that puts both the patience of the children and the parents hard on the test. Oral hygiene involves a few essential steps and a proper brushing technique, which children are not necessarily attracted to. An early introduction of the child in the technique of dental brushing, but also some tricks to make this activity fun and fun is the key to success in learning healthy daily habits!

At what age can the child learn to wash his teeth?

The habit of brushing your teeth should be instilled in the child from the beginning of the first teeth, but he will be prepared to do this alone after 5-6 anisors. By the end of the preschool period, the child should already be accustomed to brushing himself and his teeth properly, without help and guidance.

It does not mean that you have to wait until then to familiarize yourself with the toothbrush or the steps that need to be performed for proper tooth brushing.

How do you teach the child to brush his teeth alone?

Talk to them and always explain the importance and steps of dental brushing

By the time you begin to train your little one in the use of the toothbrush, you will be the one who will clean their teeth daily, both in the evening and in the morning. It is important to wash your teeth every day, because only then will you get used to doing the same thing yourself.

As she grows up and understands what you are telling her, tell her about the importance of careful cleaning of your teeth. The child must understand why it is necessary to brush his teeth twice a day. Explain, in its meaning, what the consequences of incorrect tooth brushing are.

Take the toothpaste, brush and start brushing, showing them how to properly execute. Repeat them when you help him, and after a while, have him explain to you.

Be a positive role model for him!

The child learns through imitation. As long as he sees you brush your teeth daily, he will adopt the easier habit. Imitation is a powerful learning tool for little ones. Later, the child will understand and how important it is to have healthy teeth without cavities.

While washing it, explain that the upper teeth are brushing from top to bottom, and the bottom teeth are brushing from bottom to top, not left-right, because there is a risk that they will not remove all the food leftovers between the teeth.

Show him exactly how he is doing, and as you practice more, have him hold the brush while you direct his movements to make it easier to understand.

Make brushing your teeth a fun game!

Tooth brushing should be done correctly, but this will not prevent you from having fun at the same time. You can sing, dance or make contests by seeing who performs the most correct steps of tooth brushing (never race against a stopwatch, because the child must have the patience to brush his teeth for 2 minutes, through regular brushing, twice a day).

It is also very important that the products used are adapted to the age of your child.

By the age of 7, your child should be ready to deal with tooth brushing himself. However, it is important to keep an eye on it - make sure it brushes all areas of the mouth, using a gentle, circular motion over all the surfaces it bites, including the face, back and sides of each tooth, and down to the gum line. At this age, the child should brush his teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day.

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