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We played ALTFEL, architecture, with 2680 children from all over the country

We played ALTFEL, architecture, with 2680 children from all over the country

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The week "School otherwise: To know more, to be better!" Has been passed since 2015, and we, the team of the Association De-architectura, together with 50 member architects and volunteers of the association and 15 student volunteer architects, have glad to meet 2680 children from 11 cities in the country (Bucharest, Botosani, Brasov, Buzau, Cluj, Constanta, Iasi, Sibiu, Suceava, Timisoara, Vaslui).

We all played Urban Detectives, Magic Sands, we did HandsOn! Workshops, we chirped past the birdhouses at Ciripita, listened to the stories from the Story, built tasty structures and learned the Safety Lesson. . teacher Mariana Iancu, third grade E, from school no. 97 from Bucharest, sends us to the opinions of the students participating in the workshop: "Architecture is the sport of the mind after chess, because it requires a lot of creativity!" - Vlad Ionescu; "I liked the activity today because it is a combination between mathematics and drawing." - Rares Cavaler; Teodora Daia tells us that she would like to do this activity because "it makes you put your mind to the contribution and be creative!"

For the third year in a row we played Second Story Architecture, a conference program that gives students the opportunity to meet face to face with the architects of today's cities. The space created was an apparent story, with cities among the stars, a city between the waters, a city maze or a city of the sun, with unpaved houses or countries without architects, but all these were, in fact, metaphors through which children they came into contact, within their meaning, with the reality of today's urban life. Whether it happened in Bucharest, Timisoara, Sibiu, Cluj, Brasov or Iasi, with the help and support of the German brand YTONG, the invited architects managed to open new doors in the imagination of the students, to offer them thought-provoking themes, which will inspire them to us the games that train them and help them discover their cities from another perspective. 1600 students could listen and question the stories told by invited architects: Ana Hogas and Ionut Florea (Into the World), stefan Simion and Irina Melita (The Poster), Andrei Ivanescu, Eliza Yokina (SYAA), Ana Maria Goilav (school from Bunesti), Roxana Strut-stefanovici, Magda Vieriu and Octavian Hrebenciuc (Volumetrica), Andrei Muresanu, Gabriel Rosca (Cooplan), Marius Timofte (3Dplan), Mihai Sima, Sorin Ciuariu, Brandusa Havasi, Atelier MASS and Vlad Rusu.

The children from 8 classes (0-V) from Bucharest, Botosani, Buzau, Suceava and Vaslui have benefited from a Safety Lesson offered by the partner of De-a architecture, Goodyear Dunlop Tires Romania. In the classroom, the AMS pilot, Andrei Mitrasca, explained to the students the significance of the traffic signs, then the children watched two educational videos of the Goodyear brand and received reflective news that they learned to help them be safer. After all the theory, the practical part followed, when the children and the volunteer architects De-architecture created a play space in the classroom. The children learned about the team working on a city (urban planners, architects, landscapers, engineers), about the functions of a city, what the facade of a building (actually "its" face) means and how it looks differently depending on why. it happens inside the building.

HandsOn Architecture Workshops! The participants liked the Altfel school from Bucharest, Bacau, Baia Sprie, Bistrita, Brasov, Cluj, Constanta, Sibiu and Timisoara. led by the volunteers In the classroom architecture, the students built a model of a small house on the scale of a LEGO © little man and they learned what a plan, a furniture, made walls, windows and doors, and their first structure. roof.

Specially thought of as an activity that can be carried out easily during the school week Altfel, the kit for Urban Detectives developed by De -a architecture involves an adventure - an expedition in the city where students find different functions, find the landmarks of the area, learn to orient themselves on on the map and on the street, it interacts with the inhabitants of the area, observing its specificity. Because the weather did not allow in some locations, our volunteers from Bucharest, Cluj, Constanta, Roman and Sibiu applied plan B, a lesson in class, interactive and interesting.

An unusual activity this year took place in Bucharest in partnership with the Merlin Books & Toys Store, where, for 5 days, about 150 children from grades I-III played with the Magic Sands under the guidance of the volunteer architects. . The main characters in the game with magic sands were Bubber, Shape It! and Kinetic, three revolutionary sands, with a silky texture, non-toxic, easy to use, easy to clean, with which the children trained their creativity, developed their imagination creating alternative worlds and stories, in this case, urban ones.

Another activity carried out only in Bucharest, which continues the Case Ciripite project, were the Ciripite workshops, where about 110 children in grades I-III built feeders for the birds with the help of the De-archi architecture and of the Romanian Ornithological Society, one of the project partners. . The children had a feeding kit that they assembled with great enthusiasm and they learned about the different species of birds, where they should place the feeders and, finally, they were guided through the "Dimitrie Brandza" Botanical Garden of the University. Bucharest, the second partner of the project. The children oriented themselves with the help of a map and discovered in the Botanical Garden the 12 houses signed by the designers.

Finally in Constanta I had the opportunity to test the kindergarten course we developed and which will be implemented from the next school year. The children gladly built delicious structures using jellies and sticks.

After such a great effort, it is essential to thank all the volunteers who have responded positively to our request for help and to all the partners and supporters without whom the children would have missed the opportunity of activities hidden with a passion for architecture.

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