Baby kit, what items to buy early

Baby kit, what items to buy early

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As soon as you find out that you are going to be a mom, you are thinking of the name your angel will wear and the items you need to buy in advance for his / her care. The baby kit will contain, without exception, objects for wrapping and clothing adapted to the season in which the newborn will arrive on earth. In addition, you will need to take into account the weight of the child and the materials recommended for his or her fragile body. Add some essential accessories for the comfort and protection of your little one, so that you are thoroughly prepared for the postpartum requesting period.

Receiving a new family member in the world involves a prolonged effort over several months, to decorate the baby's room and develop the baby's kits as needed after birth. Since the expenses will be quite high in the first year of the child's life, just sum up the strict and really useful things you need to buy early.

Choosing the kit

In the last trimester of pregnancy, you definitely have a pretty clear idea about the physical characteristics of your baby: you know if it is more or less developed after studying the ultrasound and you can approximate the body length.

The choice of the kit is ideal to take into account these indicative data: in the case of newborns with low or medium weight, the objects specific to the age of 0-3 months are chosen, and for those with a weight of over 3,500 g, the objects that are specific are purchased age range 3-6 months.

It is recommended to buy little clothes and diapers, because babies grow very fast (in the first 3 months, on average, 10 cm). Generally, cotton and wool are preferred.

Component of the kit

The composition of the kit can vary depending on the preferences of the parents, but there are also a number of basic elements that should not be missing from any fresh mom:

  • a disposable absorbent diaper pack;
  • baby wipes;
  • cream or powder against irritations;
  • 6 bodies;
  • 2 pairs of botosei;
  • 2 cotton caps;
  • a blanket used to cover the baby;
  • 3-6 night shirts for the mother, with opening in front (for breastfeeding);
  • in winter, a "Canadian" with a hood and a woolen cap;
  • 3 cupboards;
  • a diaper bag.

For as well

  • a special bathing bath;
  • baby sets for babies with thermometer, nail, comb, etc .;
  • special shampoo;
  • baby wash lotion;
  • 1 soft cotton towel;
  • baby hygiene kit with various accessories (including nasal device).

For breastfeeding

  • breast pump;
  • breastfeeding bra;
  • nipple absorbers;
  • ointment for the protection of the nipples.

Baby food accessories

If you are breastfeeding, you need nothing more than patience to overcome the possible attachment difficulties from the first days.

  • 6 bottles with bottle and sterilization utensils;
  • 1 brush for cleaning bottles;
  • baby milk powder (at the doctor's recommendation).

You can also prepare a kit of medicines that you will need after birth, such as medicinal alcohol and cotton wool sticks (for baby's navel), anti-thermal baby syrups (you will need them after vaccination), drops for gas removal and a natural syrup that quickly adjusts the small stomach disorders of infants (colic).

Purchases for the future

If you prefer to stock up on all the necessary items long before they are used, buy some accessories that you will need for walking and traveling.

A comfortable trolley, with all the necessary safety features, will be a blessing for the first trips in the outdoor environment with your little one. Even more useful can be a baby carrier system. Also, a car seat specially designed for babies cannot be excluded when you go with the child on the road.

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