Raising a single child to parents, 8 things you would like to know

Raising a single child to parents, 8 things you would like to know

Raising a single child may seem like a much easier task than 2, 3 or more. You may find it difficult to care for children, regardless of their number, but when you have only one, you may encounter some overwhelming obstacles, but also some benefits that will help you be reconciled with the decision you have made. ! Here's what it's good to know about raising a single child with parents!

You dedicate yourself entirely to the child

If you have only one child, you will surely transform it into the "light of your eyes" and spend every second caring and loving it. When you have more children, you have to share your time and affection, so that each child will benefit from your attention, which may not be right for you.

You have to face the critics and misdeeds of others

The decision not to have more children is harshly criticized by those around. Everyone sees in it a selfish gesture on your part and a disadvantage in the development of the first born of the family. When there are more siblings, the children grow up together and manage to acquire faster and easier the acquisition of behavior and important skills in social, physical and emotional development.

You feel guilty for not having more children

Even if you are determined and reconciled with the decision not to have other children, the feelings of guilt will often overwhelm you and make you always wonder "what would it be like if you had other children"!

You will face fewer "crossroads" specific to childhood

The fewer children you have, the less worry, stress and problems. When you are the mother of a single child, you only have to go through all the "hard" moments of childhood: colic, learning to forget, separation anxiety, anger attacks, childhood illnesses, puberty, adolescence, etc. It is an advantage worth considering when considering raising your family!

Spend more on baby things and toys

If you have the impression that a single child saves you a lot of expenses and helps you save money, you're wrong! With only one child in the family, you will spend a lot more money than if you had 2 or 3.

Parents who have only one child feel responsible to offer everything, regardless of costs and sacrifices. Without realizing it, they end up spending more than most children. In addition, by satisfying all the desires and desires, he risks spoiling his whining.

You spoil your child, whether you want it or not

When you are the parent of one child, you want to offer everything that is best and most beautiful. But with this thought, you just pamper your child and affect their social life and development.

The spoiled child is selfish, self-centered and does not accept the refusal. He has trouble integrating into communities and making friends. It turns, in adolescence, into a socially and irresponsible misfit, incapable of doing on its own feet. The child can "heal" the negative effects of spoiling.

You will have many play meetings scheduled

When there are more children in a family, their social development is self-evident. They will learn to share their little things and toys yet, they will learn to cooperate, play beautifully together and have no problem integrating into communities.

But when you have only one child, you have to fill the void that a brother's absence leaves in the child's life. Therefore, you will be more concerned about group games and the scheduling of as many play meetings as possible, in order to stimulate the social development of your child.

You risk falling into the trap of perfectionist parents

You have one child and you want to be the most beautiful and smart of all. Do not let your guard down at any time in his education and discipline, because you do not agree to "fail" in the parenting job.

It is precisely from this desire, to give everything to the child and to expect too much from him, that you tend to become a perfectionist mother. This parenting style is extremely harmful in the child's development, as it creates frustration and problems of social adaptation.

What else do you think my moms should know when making the decision to have only one child? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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