Beauty Sense. Beautiful at home!

Beauty Sense. Beautiful at home!

Because time does not allow us to waste hours in traffic, salon Beauty Sense it offers ladies and ladies the opportunity to benefit from all the services of hairdressing, manicure, pedicure and cosmetics, even at home.

Long, short hair, suites or curls, all these represent the trends in hairstyles for the hot season.

Depending on your personality, you can match a daring manicure and pedicure, or choose the typical French model.

For the spring-summer season, specialists rely on both naturalness and extravagance, for people with overflowing personality, who know how to wear an electric color.

"We know that many clients do not have the time to reach a salon, which is why our specialists go to each client at home. It is more comfortable and we can also talk more with the client about what he wants," says the Beauty Sense manager.

Convenience and time earned are the main elements of home beauty services. Young mothers, who cannot leave home, now have the solution to be beautiful no matter the occasion. The beauty services are performed by professionals at home and therefore, any mother can take care of her without neglecting her baby.

The salon offers manicures and pedicures, hairstyles, cosmetics and makeup at home, at affordable prices for all ladies and girls. The services do not differ from those performed in a salon, the instruments are sterilized, and upon request, Beauty Sense specialists can use the client's tools. In addition, they will no longer have to wait for an appointment at a salon, they will not waste time in traffic, and the salon staff is 100% qualified.

"We have a client who calls us for hairdressing services and for makeup for events, weddings and even dramatic makeup, for themed parties, which are more special. We always recommend that the makeup harmonize nicely with the outfit and we make the decision with the client ". "We also make makeup for the bride and we go to the client on the morning of the wedding. The makeup of a bride is very important because it has to endure all day and highlight the essential features of the happy bride, because the non-white color, generally highlights everything imperfection "continued the make-up artist Beauty Sense.

So, this spring all busy moms or ladies can be beautiful at their home, where the specialists of the Beauty Sense salon in Bucharest will pamper you and make you catch the attention of those around. Without hidden tariffs and hours of traffic, you will look great with home beauty services.

What are you waiting for? Welcome the spring with an elegant look and attract all your eyes on you!

You can schedule at the Beauty Sense salon or by calling 0761.615.192 or 021.311.78.71.

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