Pancakes with yogurt

Pancakes with yogurt

Yogurt pancakes are a quick and delicious snack, but especially healthy and a favorite recipe of the whole family!


Preparation time

50 min.




300 g of yogurt

2 oua husband

3 tablespoons sugar

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

vanilla essence

125 g melted butter



Method of preparation

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Add the flour until the dough thickens and becomes difficult to mix with the spoon, but not hard. Then pour a little milk, until you reach the consistency of pancakes you want.

If you make the dough thicker, the pancakes will come out a little fluffier and smaller, if you make it more fluid, they will be bigger and thinner.

Put a pan on the stove, with a little oil, then drain the oil from it and pour, using a polonium, composition into the pan.

Bake the pancakes on both sides.

They can be served simple, as a snack, or they can be filled with chocolate, jam or sweet cream.

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