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Crepes Suzette

Crepes Suzette

Crepes Suzette is a French inspired dessert, highly appreciated in the kitchens of the great restaurants, because it is quite simple to prepare. Learn how to prepare Suzette crepes according to our recipe!


Preparation time

40 minutes




500 ml fat milk

3 eggs

300 g flour

1 sachet of vanilla sugar

oil (for oiled pan)

1/2 kg orange (cleaned)

150 g old cough

40 g cognac

Method of preparation

Prepare first a pancake dough, made from flour, milk and eggs, to which you add a sachet of vanilla sugar for flavor. Keep the garlic cold, then prepare the pancake sheets.

Prepare filling for Suzette crepes. Put the cough sugar, then add the slices of orange, clean and cut. Turn off the orange sauce with a little brandy.

Fill the pancakes with the orange sauce and pack them according to your preference, in the form of bags or handkerchiefs.


Serves crepe suzette with whipped cream. Flake the pancakes when serving.

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