Week 24 of pregnancy - to-do list

Week 24 of pregnancy - to-do list

It gives you a list of things to do during pregnancy, week by week! We help you with a list of essential things to do!

- it is the time for the picture of the belly from 24 weeks, when the fetus reaches the size of a watermelon; these days, his skin undergoes some important transformations - it begins to become opaque and it becomes pinkish, due to the capillaries that have already formed; his lungs were completely formed, which means that soon he will reach the stage where he can survive without problems and outside the womb; Of course, this is not desirable until the 40th week, when the pregnancy is considered complete;

- If you have already learned how to successfully deal with swollen feet and hands, reducing standing time and standing more in bed, it is time to deal with any muscle cramps that may occur on the lower limbs; these appear against the background of the increasing weight of the belly, but also of the kilos accumulated so far in weight, which put pressure on the legs; the pains can be relieved by massage and stretching of the legs (stretching); If they are severe, you can ask your doctor to prescribe a pain reliever that is safe to use during pregnancy; another cause of muscle cramps in the legs may be dehydration, so it is advisable to make sure you drink enough fluids during this period;

- do not forget to go to the hospital, for the medical visit from 24 weeks, when your blood pressure will be measured and you will again go through the weighing test, to evaluate the weight accumulated up to this moment; in addition, the doctor will again measure the height of the uterus, to see if it has grown and developed properly - it is the ideal time to discuss with the doctor and the latest distressing symptoms that have been tried during this period and to consult with he on the best remedies for them;

- take your test for measuring glucose level, for assessing the risk of getting diabetes, which is done between weeks 24 and 28; it is measured based on the analysis of a blood sample that is collected after the consumption of a food or very sweet juice;

- if you are still in the doctor's office, make the appointment for the medical visit from 28 weeks, when both your health and your baby's development will be evaluated again; the longer you schedule, the more chances you have of finding the desired time interval of the day most favorable to you;

- it is possible that, from now on, the doctor will recommend you even more rest in bed than before, which means that you must find interesting ways to have fun without moving; Besides the movies, which you probably have already discovered, you can also try reading, unlocking the integrals, etc .;

- it's time to try on the pregnancy clothes you bought and create as many versatile outfits as possible, because from now on, your tummy will grow faster and faster.