How children find their way - An event held by Oana Moraru

How children find their way - An event held by Oana Moraru

How does a child get to follow the rules, to want to learn, to be attentive, engaged and focused? What makes him better, stronger, more determined? Is there a key to success, discipline, soul balance? How do I compensate at home for what my school doesn't do for my child? As a dascal, what do I expect from his family? What really works for the rebellious, oppositionist spirit? But for the shy or introverted one? What world is my child preparing for and when is he ready to recognize his mission, talent, vocation?

Oana Moraru, mentor and educational consultant, invites you to THE TRANSFORMATION DIALOGUE: another event, based on interaction, direct conversation, starting from your concrete problems, at home or at school!

"I called him, with the confidence that our meetings will help us be better, more present and more inspired in our relationship with children!

I gave up the format of educational conferences and the monologue! I invite you to ask questions from the beginning, to reflect together, starting from events and concrete situations! Your experiences and your presence in front of others, along with me and my guests - teachers, parents or children - will transform our meetings into real energy and immediate inspiration! I am waiting for you with all my experience of over 20 years in school, as a mother, as a teacher, as a director and trainer. And especially with the chance to see several generations of children growing under my eyes, from 2 to 16 years old, the same, in continuous transformation. What makes one succeed? What makes another give up? When does the key to self-determination come back? What experience or teacher, what action, what word can decide the destiny of my child? "

registration at [email protected] or directly in Constanta, at [email protected]; phone 0755690000 - for reservations, tickets and questions.

An email is enough in which you announce your desire to participate. From there, you will receive an answer with all the registration details and the form for the questions you are waiting for answered!

Ticket: 120 lei

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