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15 stages of pregnancy that you will not read in books

15 stages of pregnancy that you will not read in books

Every pregnant woman has already published a few book titles for pregnant women. In their pages are mentioned most of the important moments a woman goes through while expecting a baby, but there are many other things that you will never read in books.

Here are 15 moments and stages of the pregnancy that the doctor didn't tell you about and you certainly haven't read in any book.

The moment you realize that you prefer a pillow instead of the partner

In the last trimester of pregnancy you will realize that you prefer to sleep supported by an orthopedic pillow for pregnant women than on the chest of your partner. Those pillows will help you to feel more comfortable and to sleep more peacefully.

At the same time, this pillow will alleviate your back pain and recurrent cramps during the night, it will relax your muscles and promote the correct positioning of your spine and neck.

In the nine months you will realize that the people around you have an unpleasant odor

You must be prepared for the moment when you realize that most of the smells you feel will cause nausea. During this period your sense of smell is sharp and you will perceive strong odors from a distance. Travel with public transportation, as well as any other place where there is crowding, will be quite difficult in the months of pregnancy.

You notice that through the tighter blouses you can see the navel

Yes, your belly that was previously invisible, is now embossed and looks pretty good through the tightest clothes. This is the moment when most pregnant women visit the clothing stores dedicated to their future mothers.

The first time a stranger asks you if he can reach your tummy

This time will come sooner or later for any pregnancy. Pregnant women are like a real magnet to the people around them, colleagues in the office will ask dozens of questions and the day will come when a certain person, whom you have never seen in your life, will ask if you can reach the belly.

When you look down and realize that you can no longer see your feet

All future moms are going through this moment - the one they are standing on is looking down and all they see is the round tummy. At about the same time they will no longer be able to bend to tie the laces.

The day when you will no longer be able to do your own pedicure

In the last weeks of pregnancy you will realize that you can no longer cut off your toenails alone or even nail them. It's the perfect time instead to make your appointment at the beauty salon for a pedicure!

The moment you start the list of all the things you will need after the baby comes

It can be quite overwhelming to notice that you need things you haven't heard of before. Apart from baby bottles and stroller you will find that there are plenty of things you will need when the baby arrives in the world. Baby Vacuum Cleaner? Yes, it's on the list!

Notice the first stretch marks

Any pregnancy passes through this moment less pleasant: the appearance of stretch marks. They are absolutely normal and even if it seems like a tragedy to you now, they are not even as visible as they seem to you and will fade with time.

The moment you first get the weird craving

Pregnant women have uncommon eating cravings and combine foods that they would not have supported in the same dish before. Are you craving cheese with ketchup? No problem, and absolutely normal. It is also normal to have in the cabinets food supplies of all kinds from salted chips to the sweetest baclava and that you might at one point want to combine.

When you feel the baby doing martial arts in your tummy

While most pregnancy books tell you that you will feel that little baby move in your tummy, we must also tell you that at some point his movements will be so sudden, often intense that you will feel like doing karate or something similar.

In the evening, your partner will ask you if the baby cannot be hurt when having sex

Sooner or later, this question arises in any couple expecting a child. The answer to it will be given by your doctor. In general, there are no restrictions in this regard during the 9 months of pregnancy, but there are also cases where it is not recommended.

The period you need in the toilet for 5 to 5 minutes

In the last weeks you will face it. It is the period where you go, the first thing you ask is "where is the toilet?" because the weight of the fetus presses on the bladder. It is not very pleasant, but it does not last long.

The moment when you get tired of pregnant clothes

The day will definitely come when you no longer want to see pregnant dresses, elastic waistcoats or other such pregnant clothes in front of your eyes. Most likely you will try almost all the clothes in the closet in search of an outfit to come to you, we warn you that this mission is not easy.

The day you realize that you and your partner want different names for the child

Until now you don't even think about the name, but the day comes when one of you says a name for the little one, and the other doesn't want to hear about it. If you have a child together that does not mean that you suddenly like the same name for him. Don't worry, you will reach a consensus until the baby is born.

The moment you realize you are walking like a pregnant woman

You know what we mean, right? It is the pregnancy of the last month in which at each step you will swing slightly, in which the feet are very far apart and which is absolutely adorable. You will probably have the feeling that everyone is staring at you on the street, but you don't have to worry, you look perfect!

Have you experienced these moments? Tell us your pregnancy experience in the comment section below!

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