Egg preparations

Egg preparations

Steamed omelette (one serving x 140g).
Egg 1 pcs, milk 100 ml, butter 5 g, salt 1 g..
Beat the egg with milk and salt and place the composition in a pan or a greased form with butter. If it accumulates above the foam, leave to stand for 10 minutes. until this disappears. Then place the tortilla dish in a bowl of hot water, which is covered with a lid. Put on low heat to boil slowly 15-20 min., Until the composition is closed. Take from the heat, leave to stand for 5 minutes, then turn over on a plate.
Calories: 160 / serving.

Omelet stuffed with vegetable salad

Omelet stuffed with vegetable salad (2 servings x 200 g).
ingredients: eggs 2 pcs. , milk 100 ml, oil 15 ml, carrots 100 g, milk 50 g, pumpkin 50 g, peas 50 g, salt 2-3 g.
Beat the contents of the eggs with a fork, mix with the milk and salt and vegetables, which are boiled separately in the soup, cut into small cubes. This composition is turned into a butter bowl and boiled over low heat, in the pan, until the omelette is gone.

Omelette with apples

Omelette with apples (4 servings x 200 g).
Ingredients: apples 500 g, flour 50 g, eggs 4 pcs, vanilla sugar 1 sachet, milk 100 ml, butter 20 g, salt 5 g.
Make a flour dough, eggs, vanilla sugar, milk and salt. Part of the composition is put in a greased pan and the apples are cleaned and cut into pieces, dipped in butter, then poured over the rest of the composition and given half an hour in the oven.
Calories: 260 / serving.

Spinach or stew omelette

Spinach or stew omelette (2 servings x 120 g).
Ingredients: spinach (stevie) 200 g, butter 10 g, eggs 2 pcs, salt 2-3 g.
The spinach (stevia) is washed, cleaned and chopped large, then put in boiling water and salt. Boil and then drain well. Put the butter, heat it again and add the beaten eggs, then put it on the right fire, until browned.
Calories: 160 / serving.

Omelette with dill

Omelette with dill (5 servings x 60 g).
Ingredients: eggs 5 pcs., Butter (margarine) 50 g, dough 20 g, salt 5 g.
To well beaten eggs add salt and chopped dill and mix well, then fry the omelette in butter (margarine).

Omelet with tomatoes

Omelet with tomatoes (6 servings x 100 g).
Ingredients: eggs 6 pcs, tomatoes 200 g, cheese (telemea desarata) 150 g, butter (margarine or oil) 50 g, salt 6 g.
From the 6 eggs, make the usual omelette. Roll on a plate and put slices of tomatoes on it. Run and bake 15 minutes. It is served with grated rhombus (cheese) on top.

Economic omelette

Cheap omelette (6 servings x 150 g).
ingredients: eggs 6 pcs, potatoes 250 g, macaroni 50 g, unleavened cheese (well-drained cow cheese) 100 g, butter 30 g, salt 6 g, tomato juice 250 ml.
Make a mashed potato and the macaroni is boiled and allowed to cool. Beat the eggs well, mix with the mashed potatoes, macaroni, cheese and salt. Turn the composition into a pan in which the butter (margarine or oil) is heated. Allow to close and then bake for 10 minutes. When it is served add the juice and tomatoes.
Calories: 210 - 230 / serving.

Omelet with flannel

Omelet with flannel (5 servings x 60-70 g).
Ingredients: eggs 5 pcs., Heart of a flannel, butter (margarine) 30 g, salt 5 g, milk 50 ml.
The slice of the slices is soaked in milk and then beat together with eggs, butter and salt; the composition is baked like any omelette.
Calories: 140 / serving.

Potato omelette

Potato omelette (4 servings x 150 g).
ingredients: potatoes 500 g, eggs 4 pieces, butter 20 g, salt 5 g, dill 10 g.
The potatoes are cleaned, washed and shaved on the grater with small holes. Add eggs, well beaten, salt and dill. Mix everything and roll into a bowl with hot butter. When the omelette has browned on one side, it returns with a knife and browns on the other.
It is served hot, possibly with a green salad.
Calories: 225 / serving.

Egg yolks with poultry liver

Egg yolks with poultry liver (5 servings x 70-80 g).
ingredients: egg 1 pcs, butter (margarine) 10 g, salt 1 g, possibly cream 10 g or milk 0 ml.
Eggs are fried in butter. When they start to catch, add the liver, boiled and cut into very thin slices and gradually pour the cream, stirring constantly. At the end, add salt and meat juices.
They are served hot.
Calories: 160 / serving.

Egg yolks with red and green peppers

Egg yolks with red and green peppers (6 servings x 100 g).
ingredients: bell peppers 1-2 pieces, tomatoes 200 g, cheese (telemea desarata) 50 g, eggs 6 pcs, salt 6 g, butter (margarine) 30 g.
Peppers and tomatoes washed and cut into pieces boil 20 min. At the end, add the grated cheese (telemeaua). Eggs, butter and salt are prepared by the recipe, according to the usual recipe. When they are almost ready, add the vegetables, stirring constantly.
They are served hot.
Calories: approx. 140 / serving.

Egg yolks with spinach

Egg yolks with spinach (6 servings x 150 g)
ingredients: eggs 6 pcs, spinach 500g, butter (margarine) 75 g, flour 50 g, milk 200 ml, telemea rasa (cheese of cows) 100 g, salt 6 g.
Boil the spinach in boiling water with salt, then strain well. Prepare a thicker white sauce with 50 g butter, 50 g flour, 2 yolks and milk, add salt. Mix the sauce with boiled spinach, then add 2 whites, beaten foam. It gives the composition a form of rolling that is wrapped and put in the oven, on a low heat, for 10 minutes. During this time, prepare the gum from the rest of the eggs and butter and add half the cheese. Dress the spinach with the chickpeas, put on top the rest of the cheese and bake for another 5 minutes.
Calories: 280 / serving.

Egg nests

Egg nests (2 servings x 130 g)
Ingredients: milk 500 ml, water 500 ml, malai 100 g, salt 5 g, butter 25 g, eggs 6 pcs. , cream 50 g.
Make a quick dip in milk folded with water. It incorporates in it 15 g of butter (margarine), and with the rest is greased a form in which the mamaliga is poured. With a wooden spoon, make 6 marshmallows and break into each egg an egg. Put in the oven, on a suitable fire, until the whites are removed. When serving, add salt and then cream.
Calories: approx. 280 / serving.

Egg roll with boiled meat

Egg roll with boiled meat (2 servings x 130 g).
Ingredients: meat 150 g, or 1 pcs, butter 15 g, flour 15 g, milk 30 ml, cream 25 g, salt 2-3 g.
Rub the yolk with butter and salt. Separately, whisk the egg whites. On top of the rubbed yellow, add the flour and the albuminous foam. Mix and bake the composition in a tray lined with flour. When ready, turn on a wet towel. Separately boil the meat and pass through the cutting machine. It is then rubbed with milk until it is transformed into a paste, which extends with a wide knife over the tortilla. Everything is running in the towel. The roll thus prepared is cut into slices and served with cream. Instead of milk, the meat can be rubbed with tomato sauce.
Calories: 250 / serving.

Pasta of you

Egg paste (3 servings x 40 g).
ingredients: eggs 2 pcs., butter 10 g, salt 1-2 g.
Boil the eggs for 5 minutes in boiling water. Allow to cool, clean the peel, chop with a knife, crush with a fork, salt and rub with butter until a paste is obtained, with which spread the spreads.
Calories: 60 / serving.
You can also add house, barley, unpasteurised telemere or cow cheese.


. Sodou (1 serving x 200 g).
ingredients: egg yolk 1 pcs, milk 150 ml, sugar 15 g.
Rub the yolk with the sugar and add the warm milk (after it has been boiled and allowed to cool). It beats well. After taste, vanilla sugar, lemon peel, etc. can be added.
Calories: 230 / serving.

Oua frantuzesti

10 eggs, 0.5 l oil, 100 gr. mustard, 3 cucumbers in vinegar, 100 gr. smintina, salt, pepper
Method of preparation:
9 eggs are boiled hard and cut in half lengthwise. The obtained bars are placed with the inside of the egg up on a flat and shallow plateau.
From a boiled yolk, a raw one and the oil is made of mayonnaise. Cucumbers cut into small cubes and pour over the mayonnaise with mustard and cream.
Fits salt and pepper. You can also add grated cheese, but it is not mandatory.
On the eggs sprinkle a little salt and a little pepper and then pour the sauce obtained from the above ingredients.
It can be garnished with green, according to taste. They serve cold as appetizers and replace the stuffed eggs.

Egg salad

4 eggs, 2 green onions, 2 strands of green garlic or 2 cloves of dried garlic, 200 g of chicken breast, 3 tablespoons mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons cream, salt.
Method of preparation:
Boil the hard boiled eggs and then peel them and place on the grates. Chicken breast is boiled and cut into thin slices.
Wash the onion well, drain and cut into pieces. Garlic is chopped finely. Mix everything in a bowl.
If you put salt, pepper, mayonnaise and shrink. It mixes easily and is arranged on a platter.