Get your blood pressure checked by a doctor! At your place

Get your blood pressure checked by a doctor! At your place

From now on you find in the pharmacies the only digital tensiometer with dual measurement technology: Tensoval Duo Control

A fast pace of life, or on the contrary, sedentary lifestyle, excessive culinary delights, daily stress, small vices, all these are felt on our body sooner or later. Named by "silent killer" specialists due to lack of symptoms, high blood pressure can be one of the consequences of a hectic life. Timely detection can prevent serious heart or kidney disease, even heart attack or stroke. Because when we get to the doctor it may be too late, Hartmann launches the new generation of Tensoval Duo Control, the only tensiometer with dual measurement technology on the market.

Due to the innovative combination of the "stethoscope method" used by physicians and the oscillometric method, Tensoval Duo Control will help you monitor your blood pressure at home, with the precision of a doctor.

Tensoval Duo Control is a fully automatic digital arm tensiometer. Due to the dual technology, the device displays correct values ​​including for people with high blood pressure and different types of cardiac arrhythmia, where the exclusively oscillometric determination can give errors.

Because cardiac arrhythmia can affect the accuracy of the measurement result, the Tensoval duo control signals heart rate disorders by displaying a symbol on the screen. It is provided with large buttons, citation display, intuitive menu and acoustic signals, being easy to use, even by the elderly. In addition, application errors can be easily avoided thanks to the innovative cuff, available in sizes S, M and L for all arm circumference.

When purchasing a Tensoval duo control tensiometer, you will also benefit from a free set of analyzes to assess the cardiovascular risk profile performed in Synevo laboratories.

All buyers will receive a coupon (included in the device box) based on which they can perform one of the three sets of specialized analyzes for free, to investigate the cardiovascular risk.

The campaign runs between April 15 and October 31, 2012 throughout the country, within the limit of available stock.

Shelf price: 370 - 420 RON

Tensoval duo control can only be found in pharmacies and medical technology stores throughout the country.

Tensoval duo control is clinically validated according to the strictest international medical protocols and can be used for clinical use.