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Danger of pre-school children

Danger of pre-school children

The preschoolers do not help the child to go faster and easier, despite the fact that, over time, this so-called benefit of these accessories has been intensely promoted. On the contrary, premature births can prove a real danger to the health and development of the baby, say the specialists. Poor walking, cracked feet, unpleasant accidents, and developmental delays are just some of the risks the baby is having when walking in the prematurely.

Unpleasant accidents

The forerunner is one of the most popular baby accessories for parents. When leaving the child in the foreground, parents have more freedom of movement and are more relaxed. In addition, they have the impression that they are doing a good job for the child and that the state in the precursor stimulates him to go faster and easier.

On the contrary, say specialists, who warns that the baby left in the precursor needs more attention than when left in the crib or in a play center. According to them, even if the baby is protected from some dangers, due to the shape of the precursor, it is prone to other types of accidents. In the foreground, the child has the tendency to quickly catch up and hit with all kinds of furniture in the house.

There is a risk of hitting a cabinet or table so hard that it falls on it and injures it. Also, because of the speed, there is the risk of rolling with everything beforehand or falling with him on the stairs, in a moment of non-supervision.

Walking on the peaks

Although it is used precisely for the purpose of stimulating the baby to walk faster and easier, it seems that this accessory not only deforms its movement, but also delays its physical development. When the baby is in the precursor, touch the floor only with the tips of the feet and do not step on the sole, as indicated.

Using only the tips to go and catch the speed, he does not work his leg muscles and does not develop his position correctly, leading to delays of motor or motor purchases.

On the contrary, walking on the tips, encouraged by this accessory, contributes to the work of different groups of muscles, which are not involved in normal walking. Only when the little one is left with all his weight on his feet and ironing his entire sole on the floor does he manage to properly undo his muscles, so that they work correctly and easily.

The more the baby stays in the precursor, the more the danger of accidents and learning of an incorrect ride, on the tips, increases. According to the doctors, walking on the tips is pathological. The more the defect is accentuated and "maintained" over the long term, the greater the risk that the child will need surgery to correct the defect.

The doctors' recommendation is to use the precursor as little as possible to stimulate the baby's walking and to encourage the development of this skill by classical methods: holding the baby by the hands and shoulders and encouraging it to take a few steps, games in which the parent is at a certain distance. towards him and encourages him to come to him etc.

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