Theatrical Festival with mattresses 2012

Theatrical Festival with mattresses 2012

Arrived at the sixth edition, the Children's and Young People's Theater Festival "La theatrale cu matale!" he designated his winners. At the event organized by the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Sector 6 on June 6, 2012, troops made up of students from general schools and high schools from sector 6, as well as children included in the social protection system.

Inside the House of Culture of Students of Bucharest, the jury made up of professional actors and specialists in the field of child protection has designated the winners as follows:

The best play: "Masca Gesture Theater School", coordinator - Laura Dumitrascu Duica with the show A train ”

Best Male Performance: Marius Vasile, the interpreter of Nae from the show "D 'of the carnival" - the band "Pinocchio" of the Marin Preda High School

Best Female Performance: Anastasia-Gabriela Pacuretu, performer of Puck from the show "Dream of a summer night", the band "Little theatrical artists" of DGASPC Sector 6.

Special prize David Tudor was awarded to the band "AMI 59".

Evolving outside the competition, the group of percussionists "African Dreams", the Rahova Prison Troupe and Cristiana Preda, a girl in love with stories, excited the spectators, big and small, through their performances.

Promoting art as a means of behavioral therapy and development, the project "At theaters with mattresses!" Aims to guide children and young people from all social categories on the path that leads to the discovery and affirmation of personality.

The festival curtain was raised the first time six years ago, at the initiative of the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Sector 6. The success registered among the beneficiaries, but especially the positive effects on the small participants, encouraged the continuation of this unique project.

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