Top of the most inspired children's names of celebrities

Top of the most inspired children's names of celebrities

And celebrities sometimes make inspired choices when it comes to their children's christening names. Even though many of them fail when they choose to name their babies with strange and totally inappropriate names, there are famous parents who have made beautiful and appropriate decisions in this regard and have become an inspiration to people around the world. Here is a top of the most inspirational names of celebrity children!

Celebrities do many things just because they want to stand out or show eccentricity. Many of these things are also reflected in the upbringing and care of their children. Whether dressing them in a unique dress style, putting on a special diet or naming them one of the strangest, celebrities put their mark on their children and try to create their unique personalities and distinguish them from others. the others.

But there are stars who have resorted to common and popular names or unique and very beautiful, extremely inspired.

Adeline (Simon Helberg)

Adeline is one of the most melodious and beautiful girl names. There was also the choice of actor Simon Helberg, from the movie The Big Bang Theory, and his wife for their first child, born on May 8, 2012.

Jackson (Charlize Theron)

Simple, beautiful, English, popular, Jackson's name is an inspired choice for all the celebrities who have baptized their boys and, why not, the girls in this way.

This is also the case of the beautiful actress Charlize Theron, who became a mother after adopting a boy named Jackson.

Ruby (Marley Shelton)

Actress Marley Shelton and her husband, Beau Flinn, are also among the parents who gave inspiration for choosing the name of their second child, born on May 1, 2012. It's about a little girl named Ruby, who has become, as its name translates, their "most precious" jewel, a true treasure.

Matilda Rose (Michelle Williams and Heath)

The choice to combine the name Matilda with Rose was very inspired by actress Michelle Williams when she decided to baptize her little girl.

Matilda is a name with a strong sonority, which calls for both sweetness and strength, courage, and Rose comes to slightly mitigate the impact of the first name, emanating kindness and grace.

David (Andra Maruta, Gabriela Vranceanu Firea, Luminita Anghel)

Although it seems more like a foreign name, it has been successfully adopted in the localities, and the boys Andrei, Gabrielei Vranceanu or Luminitei Anghel are the happy possessors of the name David. It is one of the most beautiful and inspired names for boys from us, but also one of the most fashionable.

Suri (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes)

Leaving aside all the outrageous appearances in the press and the turmoil around little Suri, the name given to Tom Cruise's daughter and Katie Holmes is one of the most inspirational names of children on showbizz.

The surname Suri is a mixture of exotic, unique and cute, which translates into Hebrew by "princess", in Sanskrit it means "sun", and in Persian "rose".

Max (Christina Aguilera or Jennifer Lopez)

Both Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez preferred the name Max, simple and popular for their boys.

Max is a name inspired by children and has become fashionable again when the stars began to bring it back to their parents.

Mabel (Bruce Willis)

On April 1, 2012, Bruce Willis became a father for the fourth time, his wife, Emma, ​​giving birth to a girl named Mabel Ray.

The name Mabel is very inspired, sweet and with a beautiful sonority, and comes from "amable", which means loved or loved. Adding Ray balances the sweet hue of Mabel's name and gives her the strength of character that a little girl sometimes needs.

Sofia (Andreea Banica, Dana Nalbaru)

And the stars on the native beaches make interesting and beautiful choices for their children. This is also the case of Andrei Banica or Dana Nalbaru, who chose a wise and inspired name for their little girls, Sofia, which in Greek translates through wisdom.

Sofia is a name that harmoniously combines energy and power with gingasia and femininity.


Nor is Bastian a bad name. Abbreviated with "Sebastian", this is the choice of Suburgatory star Jeremy Sisto and wife Addie Lane for their little boy, born on March 9 this year.

Sunday Rose (Nicole Kidman)

Even if it is unusual for you to call yourself "Sunday," the name, and especially the Sunday association with Rose, are inspirational choices for a baby name.

It sounds beautiful, melodious and extremely fashionable, due to the fact that it was chosen by one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood, Nicole Kidman, for the girl she has with her husband, Keith Urban.

Rose's first name is very common among Hollywood's famous parents and is often used in association with other names. And Jennifer Garnes-Ben Affleck couple have a little girl named Rose, more specifically Seraphina Rose.

Honor (Jessica Alba)

Honor is a classic name, great for girls, especially for Americans and Jessicai Alba is also the option for her big girl.


Mason is another boy-inspired name, which prompted renowned rapper Ne-Yo to baptize his boyfriend born on October 9, 2011.

It is a popular name for boys and very resonant, for boys with strong personality.


Maya remains an extremely popular classic name among celebrities for their children. Both Romanian stars, including the beautiful Antonia, as well as those from outside, such as Ethan Hawke, chose this first name to baptize their little girls.

Benjamin (Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen)

Benjamin or Ben is still a fashionable name among the stars, among the latest celebrities who have called him Tom Brady and the famous model Gisele Bundchen, who baptized their boyfriend Benjamin Brady.

Which name do you find most inspiring? How's your name called and why did you put that name on it? Tell us your opinions and comments in the comments section below!

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