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The benefits of soup for children

The benefits of soup for children

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Soup or soup is a preparation that should be part of any child's daily diet. Besides the rich vitamins and minerals it contains, the soup is a useful preparation for the optimal functioning of digestion or hydration of the body. Find out in what conditions is healthy and nourishing soup for the child, but also what other benefits it brings to his growth and health!

Every day, no soup should be missing from the child's lunch.

It is rich in vitamins and essential minerals

In order to grow big and strong, young children need a diet rich in essential nutrients. Healthy eating provides them with daily energy and power, to cope with all the activities they have to perform daily.

Soup is a basic preparation for the daily intake of vitamins and minerals that the child needs. Vegetables such as onions, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, celery or parsley or logs are not missing from any soup, which are rich in many important nutrients for health.

It is true that, by boiling, many vegetables lose their vitamins and minerals that they contain in their fresh state. If you give your child only the vegetables in the soup, without the juice they boil, remove a significant portion of the nutrients they have left in the water during boiling.

Helps maintain baby weight

Soup is one of the preparations that help maintain the optimum weight of the child. It contains many essential nutrients, but very few calories. Even without a high caloric intake, the soup is very satiated and quickly alleviates hunger. A serving of soup quickly saturates the child and gives him the energy he needs to play freely.

Helps the digestion of the baby

For healthy digestion, the child needs to eat both liquid and solid foods. It is advisable to have a balance between the two categories. If you give your child only dry preparations (mashed potatoes, steaks, boiled eggs, baked potatoes, bread, boiled carrots), there is a risk of constipation and digestive problems associated with it.

Daily drinks, along with liquid foods and fresh servings of vegetables and fruits contribute to the optimal functioning of the intestinal transit and to combat constipation. In addition, the soups contain fiber, due to the vegetables in it, which help full digestion.

It is a source of hydration for the child

Soup is also an important source of hydration, along with water and other types of drinks that the child consumes daily. Helps maintain water balance in the body when the child is not a big fan of water or other sources of fluids.

It warms the body quickly in cold seasons

In addition to all the nutritional benefits of soups or soups, it is also a way to quickly warm the baby in winter, when he or she comes home. In addition, the soup is the preparation that helps to treat the cold and flu and is well tolerated in many digestive problems.

Did you manage to introduce soup and soup into your child's daily diet? Tell us other benefits of soups, but also what tricks you used to convince your child to eat them, in the comment section below!

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