Road education is not a fad

Road education is not a fad

It is never too early to start explaining to the child the rules of movement. Not to be proud of how smart he is, but because you want him whole at home.

I can not understand the parents who expose them with good knowledge. Or is it about unconsciousness? Or maybe that same unconscious "it can't happen to me."

According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, in the United States of America, approximately 250 thousand children are injured in car accidents every year. A quarter of a million. We are about 20 million all, so you understand the proportions.

Maybe these figures don't tell you anything. You may be more interested in the fact that the main cause of the death of children between 2 and 14 is represented by road accidents. More than half of the victims are caused by the failure of the belt or the fact that they were not in a car seat. No, it's not a plea for the producers of these things. It's a plea for life.

Not to talk about death so much anymore. All the statistics also show us that many parents do not know how to correctly mount the car seat or how wide or narrow the belts may be. What do you think happens in such cases? Exactly, in the event of an accident, the seat and the belts have no value anymore. Maybe you have the impression that America is far away and we have no fear.

Well, find out that Romania is in the first place in the European Union, next to Latvia, in the number of pedestrians killed in road accidents. First place, yes? We have the most deaths on the roads throughout the European Union.

Once because of the excessive speed with which some drivers go, the second time because we cross how we cut our heads and where we have a desire, because that is how his country "goes and so". Also at the forefront, along with the same Latvia, we are also dead in car accidents. 91 deaths per one million inhabitants, is shown in a report released in March 2015, by the European Commission.

Do you think so much? Do you think little? Do you think any dry figures? Go once to the place of an accident with the victims, so that you do not shrug your shoulders and think that it is only a few calculations. I convinced you that it is a lot but do you think you have no power? You have! We all have the power to lower the numbers. We are the ones who can change the statistics in our favor. Because that's about it. We are doing good. How? Educating us and educating our children.

My child, at two and a half years old, knew that the green one crosses and the red one stays, whether you are pedestrian or in the car. There is no riding in the car without sitting on his seat and with his belt on.

Never. Exceptions do not exist, because, we want - we do not want, they make the rule, in fact. But I see a lot of people around me who keep letting their kids behave like ping-pong balls. They jump from one seat to another, back to front and back to back, eventually removing a head on the window. Close your eyes and think for a second what would happen to a child who is left to do so in the event of an accident.

It hurts, right? Think about how hard it would be if, instead of an unknown child, your child was. And you know what hurts? The fact that in most cases, we are the only culprits. Because I didn't teach them more than that, because we didn't know how to be an example. Yes, we do. The power of the example is not a trivial phrase, derived from the motivational books. It is fixed what matters to our children.

In vain do we impose their heads on all kinds of things, if in front of them we violate exactly what we demand from them to do. In vain do we tell them that we must cross the green, if we, with their hand, pass the road in flight, on the red. In vain we insist on sitting on the seat, with the belt on, if we go on the road without using the belt.

It is the same as the "Do not smoke!", Said by ours, while they were once again smoking. I heard the famous reply: "He doesn't sit on the chair. He screams as his powers hold." So, how much will he scream? A life? Do you think it's better to yell at you in case of an accident? I'm tough, but not as hard as life is.

It was not until 2014 (I will not understand what they have guarded until then) that a more drastic law for unconscious people carrying their children like dogs came into force. Write black on white: Children under 12 years of age or less than 1.5 meters in height should only be carried on the rear seat of the car and must wear seat belts adapted to their size. Children under three years old must be transported in approved restraint devices.

The fines, in case of breach of the law, seem ridiculous to me. But for some, at least, maybe the fear of paying a few hundred lei is bigger than paying the child something. And if that makes him protect his child, that's fine. But even so, it's not enough. I think a (re) population education campaign should be organized at national level. Starting with adults and continuing with children. Because, whether we like it or not, we all leave. I think in addition to warnings about how much salt we eat and how much water we drink, we should see a lot more messages about the danger we are exposed to and expose others whenever we go out.

But first of all, we have to send ourselves our own messages. How many times did I wake up with a child who jumped in front of my car? Let me tell you how many times they have cut my way all kinds of haste? Or to tell you how many times I thought Wonder Woman and I crossed through speeding cars?

Or how many times have I pressed the accelerator pedal more than was the case, because, isn't it, it's just not going to happen to my little fireman? This is the big challenge. To realize that we are wrong. And let's get it right.

Then we send the correct messages to those we brought to the world. And so our heart may not be stirred when the child / husband / wife is late and we receive a call from an unknown number.

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