Silvotherapy is the name of an alternative therapy to restore the physiological and mental balance with the help of trees, respectively of walks through the forest. The general effects of this natural treatment tick three of the essential aspects of a healthy life, physical activity, inspiring a fresh air and improving the quality of sleep.

Silvotherapy or therapy through trees and forests is based on the concept that endows the tree with superior therapeutic effects, thanks to the energy emitted by these plants, the volatile oils emitted in the air and the action of soothing and removing stress.

Silvotherapy, a form of natural medicine in antiquity

The therapeutic method of prevention and cure of diseases with the help of trees, silvoterapia began to be used by people since ancient times, according to the historical testimonies recorded in specialized works. However, it was only in 1927 that it began to be recognized as a scientific method, with its adoption by the medical discipline dealing with balneoclimatotherapy.

Therapeutic effects of silvotherapy

The therapeutic effects of forestry are derived both from the properties of the forest as a whole and from those of the trees. The forest is an excellent antibacterial filter, in which the ionized air helps oxygenate the tissues of the body, activating the blood circulation, increasing the number of red blood cells, treating insomnia and improving the symptoms of heart disease.

Most trees in the forest emit volatile substances of their own, which kills a number of pathogenic germs (oak forests kill the Koch bacillus of tuberculosis and those of spruce destroy bacteria that produce diphtheria, for example).

Thus, silvotherapy has the following indications:

  • treating respiratory conditions;
  • training environment and breathing optimization for respiratory insufficiency;
  • mitigating the effects of sonic aggression through the soundproofing properties of the forest;
  • calming the nervous system;
  • intensification of metabolism;
  • decreased blood sugar;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • various disorders: overwork, asthenia, neurosis, visceral diseases on a nervous basis, depression, anxiety;
  • obesity, bronchitis, diabetes.

Silvotherapy is contraindicated for those suffering from acute diseases and endocrine disorders with hyperfunction. Cardiovascular diseases are negatively influenced by pine forests, especially in the summer.

The therapeutic effects of certain types of trees

In silvotherapy, the particular therapeutic effects of the different types of trees are very important:

  • pine: disinfectant and tonic effects on the respiratory system;
  • oak / gorun: anti-hemorrhagic and hypotensive effects;
  • phage: hemostatic effects;
  • acacia: calming effects on the gastric and nervous system;
  • birch: diuretic and anticancer effects.

What is the treatment by silvotherapy

Treatment by silvotherapy essentially involves walking, running or exercising in the forest. This is the form of active silvotherapy, which brings a series of benefits to physical fitness and overall health, being generally practiced by people who do not suffer from a particular illness.

Passive silvotherapy is recommended for sick people and consists of light and short walks, with an average speed of 3-5 km / hour, concluded with rest in the shade and deep inspiration of ionized air.

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