Disneyland Paris: our experience

Disneyland Paris: our experience

Because the holiday season is coming, because it's full of Disneyland holiday commercials and because with a visit there, we're all in debt, something about surviving in the jungle of princesses and superheroes.

From my point of view Disneyland is an absolutely miserable, industrial thing, which makes money out of children's emotions and because it knows that it sells well, it speculates until it runs out.

They don't even get to enjoy themselves properly, they always stay in queues, from breakfast to the hotel, to whatever work is done in the park. It's always a fight for a place in the carousel, a place at the parade so you can see something, a place at the playground, a place bought water, in the end, in principle 80% of the time you spend waiting for it.

On the other hand, Smaranda liked crazy, so in one way or another it deserves to be done. For their memories.

Now, survival is heavy there, and I say that from my perspective, which are pretty well organized, I don't mess with software, etc.

Ideally, you should leave with zero expectations, but know the following:

1. The food is excessively bad and excessively expensive. And I'm not exaggerating. Don't miss the Steakhouse, don't miss King Ludwig's Castle. Ordinary to say the least - snitel is a burnt outsole, which cannot even be eaten by children fascinated by snitel. The meal for 6 people was for 200 euros and was excusable.

The only decent food is at Remy's Bistro, which is at Walt Disney Studios, but there you have to make your reservation early, usually at the hotel reception or call early. At Mickey's Café the food is still ordinary, but there are the characters from the Mickey Mouse Club, which is fascinating for children.

Well, to make sure you catch him and Mickey have to pay 27 euros extra for a special party, or else you have no guarantee that damn mouse and stops at your table. At the hotel (I stayed in New York) breakfast is ok, dinner is left.

Acceptable is Earl's Sandwich, with sandwiches, as the name implies, but at least they can be eaten, they are not disastrous.

Otherwise, it is best to have snacks - sticks, bagged by goji, raisins or whatever, because in the park you do not find much outside of chips. There is a fruit stand and one with donuts (only 4 euros for donuts), pancakes (6 euros for pancakes) and waffles, but the tails are big here.

2. There is an application on the phone that shows you the waiting times for all the things to do in the park. We were at the end of April, when it was crowded, but not the murder that is in the summer months. Mostly I stayed 45 minutes at Big thunder mountain - a rollercoaster that walks you through a mine, I didn't give in, Smaranda liked crazy.

3. The parade of Disney characters is at 17:30, ideally you would go to take place on the main alley at least half an hour before, because it is extremely crowded. On the other hand, if you stay for several days, the parade period is the best to go to the busiest places, the waiting times are significantly reduced.

4. Peter Pan's flight and It's a Small World were the girls' favorites, Peter Pan's tail is quite big, It's a small world about 10 minutes.

The Pirates of the Caribbean, again, are worth a walk, but the queues there are quite large.

That would be it. Children don't care too much about food or prices, so enjoy your vacation!

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