Red wine, good for women

Red wine, good for women

Red wine is one of the drinks that many people use to relax, in the evening, after a busy day, or to celebrate various special moments in their personal lives. Beyond these relaxing effects, red wine has other particular influences on women's health, studies show that it has strong anti-cancer, immunostimulatory or anti-inflammatory properties when drunk under certain conditions.

It lowers cholesterol and protects the heart from disease

According to the conclusions of a study carried out at the Complutense University, Madrid, Spain, moderate consumption of red wine contributes to lower "bad" cholesterol in the blood and to the prevention of heart attack. Because red wine keeps blood vessels flexible, the risk of coronary heart disease decreases, Spanish researchers say.

It has aphrodisiac effect

Italian researchers found that women who occasionally drink red wine, in moderate quantities, have a higher libido than those who do not consume this drink. The wine thus proves to be a powerful aphrodisiac for women who have problems with sexual desire.

It fights depression and prevents dementia

The relaxation effect that a glass of red wine gives you is completely spreading on the central nervous system or the brain, protecting it from serious neurological conditions: dementia or Alzheimer's. It seems that this bathing liquor combats depression and stress, if drunk in moderation, constantly.

The effect is also explained by the American expert Philippe Marambaud, from the Litwin-Zucker Center, New York, dedicated to research into Alheimer's disease and memory problems. He claims that because of resveratrol, red wine prevents the formation of the beta-amyloid protein, responsible for dementia and memory problems.

It prevents cancer

Resveratrol is one of the most valuable antioxidants in this alcoholic drink, having a powerful anticancer effect in the body. According to American researchers at the University of Virginia, resveratrol protects the cells of the body from attack by free radicals, inhibiting the action of the protein that contributes to their malignancy.

It regulates blood sugar and combats diabetes

Resveratrol from red grapes has many beneficial effects on the health of the body, one of the most important being the regulation of blood sugar and the fight against diabetes. It can be consumed even by women diagnosed with diabetes, as it does not affect their chronic condition, but on the contrary. Experts argue that only 100% natural red wine has such effects in combating diabetes.

It prevents weight gain and helps you stay fit

Red wine is also an important ally of the figure, preventing the fattening, due to piceatanol, a derivative of resveratrol that prevents the development of adipose tissue in the body. Drinking in moderate quantities, red wine becomes an important food in many diets.

Strengthens the immune system and protects against infections

Red wine is also considered a natural immunostimulator, being effective in protecting the body from the attack of free radicals. It can be successfully used to strengthen immunity and protect the body from colds and flu, as well as other conditions.

Prevents premature skin aging and enhances beauty

One of the most important effects of red wine is anti-aging. The antioxidants in this basic liqueur, along with resveratrol, prevent the attack of free radicals that affect the health of the skin, hair or nails, helping you to always look young and beautiful.

Do you know any other beneficial effects of wine on women's body or health? What do you think is the most important role of wine for health? Have you ever felt immediate or long-term effects of wine on you? Tell us your opinions and suggestions in the comments section below!