Children born from fertility treatments are shorter

Children born from fertility treatments are shorter

Children born to fertility drug treatments are shorter than those born naturally. This is the latest conclusion reached recently by several researchers from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Find out what influences children's height and why!


Fertility medicines, the treatment that makes the difference in height between children

According to an older theory, children born from in vitro fertilization, a highly popular assisted human reproduction technique, would tend to be taller than those naturally born. Not the same can be said about babies born after fertility drug treatments, whose stature seems to be slightly smaller than those naturally born.

The study was conducted at the Liggins Institute of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and its conclusions were based on the careful monitoring of two groups of children: one with 84 children, designed based on fertility treatments with drugs, and the second consisting of 258 naturally designed children.

All children ranged in age from 3 to 10 years and came from single pregnancies, completed by term. To make the study and conclusions even more accurate, the researchers carefully selected the children, excluding those who were born with a very low or premature birth.

Even though they did not discover great differences, the specialists claim that the little ones that were conceived with the help of the fertility drug treatments were almost 2.5 cm lower in height than those that were conceived naturally. Even so, the researchers found that their height was within normal limits for their average age.

It was found that the height difference was more pronounced for boys. There were more boys in the group of children conceived with the help of fertility drugs with a height difference of almost 2.5 cm compared to those born naturally, than girls, which led the specialists to say that the male sex would be more affected in this regard. .

In terms of physical health, the Auckland team of researchers did not notice differences between the groups of children studied, a sign that the conception mode does not affect the growth and development of children.

Researchers have not been able to discover the causal relationship between fertility drugs and lower height, but there is a hypothesis that starts with some events that could have occurred at conception. It is possible that the smaller stature of these children will be born as a result of "printing" some abnormal variations or changes in the expression of the genes at the time of conception, but there is no evidence in this regard.

The researchers said that this difference does not pose any danger to the health of the little ones. Even so, a little shorter, children still fall into normal height parameters for their age and sex.

Do you think a little lower height is a serious reason why moms should give up fertility treatments? How much does the height of the child in today's society matter and how it is perceived by others? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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