The tricycle develops the balance and coordination of the child

The tricycle develops the balance and coordination of the child

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YVOLUTION, the number one scooter in the US

YVOLUTION prepares children, but also parents, for the fun and challenge of independent walking. With YVOLUTION, children improve their balance, coordination, motor skills and self-confidence. All YVOLUTION products have the gift of keeping children away from the TV and computer screen, engaging them in an active outdoor game, giving them the opportunity to develop their balance and coordination skills.

Studies conducted at Stellenbosch University in South Africa have shown that children who have used YVOLUTION for a period of 2 weeks have improved by up to 700% in some cases, in various tests of balance and coordination. It is not surprising therefore that, over time, YVOLUTION has won numerous awards in the toy industry, becoming in time the favorite brand of the United States of America.

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