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Around the Earth in five episodes, Painting workshop for children (7-12 years)

Around the Earth in five episodes, Painting workshop for children (7-12 years)

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Around the Earth in five episodes, Painting workshop for children (7-12 years)

The Calea Victoriei Foundation invites you on Saturday, January 18, at 3:00 pm, to the Earth's Occident in five episodes - Painting workshop for children (7-12 years). Together with Maria Petreanu, a plastic artist, the little ones will make a trip through some of the most spectacular landscapes of the world. In addition to notions of painting and drawing, children will have the opportunity to fix in their memory, in a non-conformist manner, important milestones for their general culture.
Reader: Maria Petreanu
Start date: January 18, 2014;
Course time: 3pm
Number of workshops: 5
Frequency: weekly, Saturday
Minimum Age: 7;
Maximum Age: 12
Cost: 225 ron (including working materials); Low cost (loyalty card): 200 ron (including working materials)
Location: Str. Popa Sun, no. 40, 1st floor (near the Pache Protopopescu Round and the Saint-Friday Church-Blvd Corneliu Coposu)
Registration at [email protected]
Details at
We first explored the white stretches of Antarctica and learned how to draw the shadows and variety of lights of the fascinating Northern Lights. At the second meeting, we set off for warmer outfits and discovered many interesting things about life in Africa and how the people there were inspired by their art from the models that adorn animal furs.

We pass, on our journey, through the Grand Canyon, where we enjoy new images, textures and colors. We return for a meeting in Africa, in mysterious Egypt, with ancient pyramids, camels and treasures, and we conclude the journey in the brightly colored Asia, at the top of the Himalayas.

Workshop themes

Elements of plastic language and non-color landscape (North Pole)

Drawing / painting a winter landscape, trying to imagine a beautiful frame with lighted snow. We find out on this occasion how to "flood" our cries of light, we discover several types of shadow and, last but not least, we enjoy a joyful and creative painting lesson.

The wealth of detail. Animals from Africa

At this meeting we exercise our patience and skill, to enjoy at the end of a beautiful crying that depicts fluffy animals, with details well placed and carefully worked.

A visit through the colors of the Grand Canyon (North America)

Types of surfaces and lines, colors and ways in which we can draw water. A real challenge for small and big painters, we will try through cool colors, strong coughs and modulated lines, to get a beautiful world of the involuted waters that fall in spectacular waterfalls.

Geometric drawing and watercolor. Ancient Egypt: Sphinx and pyramids

In this course we turn into small architects and especially into talented designers, we handle with more coal, pencil and brush.

Chromatic contrasts and color mixing (Landscapes of the Himalayas)

At this last meeting, we deepen the watercolor technique by creating several landscapes inspired by images with the imposing Himalayan mountains.

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