Live sports on Kiseleff in summer 2012

Live sports on Kiseleff in summer 2012

Via Sport returns to Kiseleff (from Piata Victoriei to Arh. Ion Mincu street)!

Kiseleff Boulevard is no longer running! It's sports! Via Sport has arranged for us all the spaces for table tennis, foot tennis, badminton, basketball and volleyball courts, football tables, bike paths. All on the boulevard. We are all looking forward to the fun and outdoor movement every weekend from June 29 to August 26, from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.

For 9 weekends, Via Sport will bring back your favorite games and activities to enjoy the summer if you stay in Bucharest.

The program includes the well-known sports: basketball, soccer, ping-pong, etc., as well as endless special programs.

There will be some special actions possible thanks to the partners and sponsors Via Sport including: wall climbing, streetball, volleyball, bike trial.
In every wekend, from Friday evening, starting at 22:00, until Sunday, at 14:00, Via Sport awaits you on Kiseleff Boulevard for a whole weekend of fun, play, relaxation and competitions.