Yes, maybe! Why let your child do more than one thing alone

Yes, maybe! Why let your child do more than one thing alone

Have you considered up until now how much do you let your child do things on their own? From too much love, many parents tend to deprive their children of one of the most important ways in which they can optimally develop: autonomy.

If you tend to tell the child often "no, leave, you're too small" or "bring you mommy, don't walk there", to know you're wrong. Children love to be involved in the daily activities of the family and to fulfill certain tasks, because they know better than the big ones how much these experiences count for their success in the future.

Say "YES" more often to your child when he / she asks "Mommy, can I?" and you will grow a future adult confident in their own strengths. Here's why, below!

What does autonomy mean to a child?

Autonomy should not be a privilege of adulthood, but a basic component of the education a child receives. When you let your little boy push his shopping cart or pick his bowl and cutlery alone at the table, he does not satisfy his fuss, but he strengthens his self-esteem, the confidence that he is able to do certain things, independence and the desire to achieve satisfaction. from his own actions.

Being autonomous, more precisely detached from parents in certain circumstances, the child develops a positive self-image, extremely important for a successful future adult. In addition, your little one becomes familiar with the concept of being responsible, which you definitely want to happen.

The more freedom (controlled!) You give your child, the more confident he will become in himself. How many times have you tied his laces or put his coat in the courier, without asking your child if he does not want to do it alone?

Many times you hurry or you may think that it "cannot yet", without realizing that you are actually discouraging it to make progress in its development. And to be sure your little one is more capable than you give him credit for!

Ideas for stimulating child autonomy

When would be the right time to let your child take control in certain situations? The sooner the better! Not infrequently, children show us when it is the right time to become, step by step, autonomous in many aspects of their lives. Here are some ideas that can inspire you:

  • Give the child a task to perform each morning: to make his bed, to dress alone, to brush his teeth without help, etc. Remind them of these tasks if you forget about them, but let them fulfill them alone.
  • Let him bring your phone when he rings and thank him for help.
  • Always tell him that he can alone: ​​if you ask him to open his juice box or help him with a puzzle, ask him to try it first, then praise him no matter if he is doing better or less well.
  • Offer him household items as he likes: a mattress, a dust mite or a miniature mincer are items he can use to give you a helping hand around the house. He will be pleased to do the job side by side with you, from preschool age, feeling useful and capable.
  • Be patient with him: when preparing a cake, call him to help you, either just to mix the dough or to decorate the dessert beautifully. Let him contribute in his rhythm and forget about the daily rush, these small gestures have immense benefits for forming your child's personality.
  • Give him something new to do every day: a daily challenge stimulates his desire to do great things and to enjoy the satisfaction of the result of his work. For example, today urge him to pour himself a glass of milk, without spilling the contents on the edge.
  • Encourage her ideas: when your little one wants to try new things, do not immediately reject her idea, otherwise she will give up the initiative. Encourage him to take small risks, as long as he is safe!
  • Make him accountable: he is constantly finding ways to give him small tasks for which he is responsible, according to age (feeding the pet, ordering letters, etc.).

As your child is free to choose, participate in household chores and take real initiatives, he thus creates habits from these repetitive actions. In this way, you have the certainty that you educate a child who is self-confident, brave and capable of doing great in any situation.

To what extent do you cultivate your child's autonomy? By what methods do you help him be independent and handle himself in certain situations? Share your experience with us in the comments section!

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