Second opinion endorsed, not improvised - campaign to inform patients about the importance of a second medical opinion

Second opinion endorsed, not improvised - campaign to inform patients about the importance of a second medical opinion

Intermedicas, the first second opinion clinic in Romania, launches the campaign "Second Opinion Approved, Not Improvised" with the purpose of informing and raising the awareness of the patients in Romania regarding the right to request a second opinion, the importance of a correct diagnosis and an appropriate treatment.

According to the National Diagnostic Institute, in Romania one in ten patients receives a wrong diagnosis. At the same time, more than half of the Romanian patients are afraid that they may receive an incorrect diagnosis or an ineffective treatment plan.

According to a study by the Dutch from Diagnose.me.com, the second opinion reduces the risk of a diagnostic error by 90%. At the same time, according to Google Romania, the tendency of self-diagnosis of the Romanians has come to the fore - over 550 million health searches in a year, ranking second in the top of the accesses for a certain domain, being surpassed only by the field of tourism.

The campaign is the result of conclusions drawn from an internal study carried out by the clinic, with patients who asked for a second opinion after receiving a diagnosis of serious illness or surgery recommendation. The purpose of the study was to identify the reasons why patients came to seek a second opinion in advanced stages of the disease and not immediately after receiving the first diagnosis.

The results indicated that:

  • 95% of patients do not know that they have the legal right to a second medical opinion;
  • 89% of patients claim that they do not seek second opinion out of respect / fear for the doctor who gave the first diagnosis;
  • 87% of patients use the Internet as a second opinion source;
  • 78% is based on the doctors who gave good results in the case of family / friends.

"Asking for the second, third, fourth medical opinion, going from clinic to clinic to specialist doctors, searching the internet or recommending friends is an improvisation. You have no certainty that the doctor who has treated a knowledge and worked is doing well at This approach may not give the expected results and, at the same time, there is the risk of unnecessary expenses, time and money, with the possible result of an incomplete medical solution or an erroneous diagnosis, "he said. Ana Maria Marian, CEO Intermedicas.

The campaign will run both online (social media and company blog) and offline (in the press and companies), starting with the month of April.

The two directions, the stories of some Intermedicas patients who appealed to the second opinion and the visuals that present diagnoses and their treatment alternatives, encourage an informed medical decision. The materials will be discovered and taken over with the hashtag #SecondOpinionAvizat.

The campaign aims to familiarize Romanian patients with the benefits offered by the second opinion, in order to prevent medical errors.