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Balcic exhibition, Arc Over Time, at the Cotroceni National Museum

Balcic exhibition, Arc Over Time, at the Cotroceni National Museum

The Cotroceni National Museum organized on Thursday, June 14, at 6:00 pm, in the Cantacuzine Spaces the opening of the exhibition "Balchik, arch over time", in collaboration with Elite Art Club UNESCO. The exhibition crowns the fruit of the work of the participating artists in the creative camps organized over ten years, in Balchik, at the initiative of ELITE ART Club UNESCO.

ELITE ART Club UNESCO is a non-governmental organization that promotes visual arts programs as well as other cultural and educational events. Of the projects developed in the field of plastic arts by ELITE ART Club UNESCO, the creative camp from Balcic is the largest through continuity, logistical development and the participation of numerous established artists, or in the process of training. Looking back, it can be said that the project grew and matured as a bet won with the art world.

The exhibition "Balcic, arch over time" is made up of the selection of works gathered over the years in the creative camps, and signed by painters such as: Angela Tomaselli, Horea Pastina, Ilie Boca, Marilena Murariu, Ioana Craciun Dobrescu, Vasile Craita Mandra, Virgil Parghel, Vitalie Butescu, Dan Palade, Mihai Sarbulescu, Adriana Lucaciu, Betucker Istvan, Alexandra Stoica, Corneliu Dragan, Cristian Opris, Cristian Paraschiv, Doina Mihailescu, Emanoil Mazilu, George Mircea, Ilie Chioibas, Maria Petcu Chioibas, Marcel Lupse, Mariuca Covrig, Mihai tarus, Simion Christmas, Veaceslav Tuhari.

The exhibited works surprise the picturesque city of Balchik, the castle of Queen Maria and the garden in all their splendor, thus giving the visiting public the opportunity to admire landscapes, flowers in different colors and shades, the sea when blue, when azure, the unique terraces of the castle, the church Stella Maris, the temple The waters of Peace, in a word a truly royal promenade, in a place full of sunshine and poetry.

The Cotroceni National Museum is not in the first collaboration with the ELITE ART Club UNESCO, hosting in 2009 an exhibition with works by the participating artists in the creative camps in the Balchik.

"It is rebuilt in this way - as Dr. Doina Pauleanu says - the bridges between the two royal residences and the solar path of the Romanian painting is enhanced, with the power of the aesthetic arguments."

The exhibition is open to the public between June 14 - August 30 and can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday between 09:30 - 17:30, visit fee - 5 RON

The exhibition also benefits from a color catalog, which can be purchased by the public, price - 10 RON, from the presentation shop of the museum, open between 09:30 - 17:30.

Partners: Konica Minolta, Elite Art Gallery, Ella Traveland, Vinexpert, Nardo.


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