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How to prevent your child from illness. The 8 things that every mom should know

How to prevent your child from illness. The 8 things that every mom should know

How to prevent your child from illness. The 8 things that every mom should know

If you want to have a healthy baby, which the diseases constantly bypass, you need to know a few simple things. Every parent wants a healthy child, and you are certainly no exception.

However, you cannot always keep your child from illness. In addition, specialists do not recommend raising the child in a "sterile" space, where cleanliness is transformed into an obsession. The contact of the little one with a small amount of bacteria is normal and, in addition, helps the child's body to form antibodies, develop its immune system and become more resistant.

There are, however, a few simple things to consider and to respect as a parent!

Feed him healthy

If you want to help your child have a very strong immune system, you need to feed him with healthy foods. In addition, offer her foods recommended for her age. For example, there are cereals dedicated to children under the age of 6 months, recommended cereals for the age of 6 to 12 months, recommended cereals up to 24 months and cereals that the youngest can consume after the age of two years. Here are some examples of cereals for each age, which contain no sugar and no food additives, thus being a healthy source of nutrients for your baby.

Find a store with healthy baby-specific products

When you buy different things for your child, you have the choice between going to a regular store that sells such products and finding a store dedicated to the little ones. In such a store, however, you will have at your disposal products that meet the highest standards of safety and quality. At the same time, online stores, such as this store, are increasingly sought after for a very simple reason: prices are lower than in regular stores, and the products are delivered home in the shortest type. For many moms, the age of classic and exhausting shopping is long gone.

Pay attention to the places where you walk with the little one in the first weeks of life

In the first weeks of life, try not to expose your child to an environment where there are many people. Thus, it avoids the means of public transport, restaurants and shops. You do not know what diseases the people around you are carrying, and many adults will tend to get too close to your child to show their affection or affection towards him. Open spaces and walks through the park are, however, recommended.

Turn your hand washing into a habit

It is said that "hepatitis is the disease of dirty hands". Even if you seem paranoid or hypochondral, it is very important to teach your child to wash their hands from the moment they begin to understand what you are saying and to listen to you. In addition, every time an adult wants to take him in his arms, ask him to wash his hands before doing so. This prevents the spread of influenza and other viruses from adults to children.

Do not stop breastfeeding when you are cold

If you have a cold, do not stay away from your child and do not stop breastfeeding during the cold. In this way, the baby's body will receive antibodies from your body through breast milk. By breastfeeding even when you are cold, the baby's immune system will significantly strengthen.

Teach the child to be careful with his or her own hygiene

When the child begins to understand what you are saying, gradually teach him to be careful with his own hygiene. Do not argue with him when you teach him to wash his hands or forget to do so, but explain to him, constantly and in his meaning, what are the benefits of such behavior. This way, you will make sure, in time, that the little one will always be clean, even if you are not around to watch him.

Follow the rules imposed by the kindergarten

In most kindergartens, a cool child is sent home. In this way, the educators and nurses within the institution ensure that a simple cold does not turn into an epidemic. It is very important for each parent to follow these simple rules to avoid getting sick to the other children.

Encourage him to move

Many parents "forget" their children in front of their computer or TV and enjoy when their children are fascinated by TV shows, because they are "good" and easy to watch. However, movement is essential to a healthy life. Rather than leaving the child for hours in front of the monitor, encourage him to go out to play in the park or sign up for a sports club. For example, most pediatric doctors encourage swimming by children over 3 or 4 years old. However, in Romania there are swimming clubs that also receive children at least 6 months old. The baby is born with the reflex of swimming. Don't let him forget to swim!