Top 4 common accidents in children in the hot season

Top 4 common accidents in children in the hot season

MediHelp International specialists want to draw attention to the potential risks that hundreds of children face during the summer.

After a detailed analysis conducted over the summer periods of the last two years in all three countries, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, where MediHelp is present, the specialists listed accommodations, bicycle accidents, burns and drowning as the first 4 most common incidents that can result in injury or death.

Between 2014 and 2015, MediHelp specialists monitored the information received during the three months of summer and found that during this period, visits to the ward increased by about 20%.

fall they ranked first on the list of the most common summer conditions. About 48 pediatric cases were recorded with fractures (in the arms, elbows or collarbone), spinal injuries or severe head injuries during the summer, mainly caused by playgrounds in parks, slipping on wet surfaces, or playing some sports.

29.5 of the cases were caused by bicycle accidents - the main factors were speed, bicycle stunts, lack of experience and the road with difficult terrain.

"Being a father, I am aware that summer can be a time when our children are exposed to dangers, spending more time outdoors, and most often without being watched. After sunny afternoons at the pool, picnics with friends, a family trip, camping, all these are part of everyone's summer vacation plans, and although many accidents can be prevented, some of them are not. Our specialists concluded that summer is the "accident season" at the hospital ward, so Adding your child to the health insurance policy or purchasing a health insurance for the whole family is one of the steps you can take to ensure the health and safety of your child, "said Zahal Levy, President of MediHelp International.

burns are another danger for children during the summer. The specialists mainly observed Grade II burns caused by direct contact with the flames, from camp fires, improvised fires or outdoor barbecues. drowning has a higher incidence in the summer months, according to the results, children under 12 are more prone drowning or accidents in the pool, while adolescents are more prone to accidents in natural waters. The injuries caused by the diving are also prevalent, causing 5% of the total injuries in the spine.

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