Whole tomatoes in tomato sauce

Whole tomatoes in tomato sauce

Whole tomatoes in tomato sauce represent a natural way to preserve tomatoes for winter and create a delicious blend to use in winter preparations, such as sauces, stews and other tasty foods!

Preparation time

60-80 min.




tomatoes (large and small)

the water


Method of preparation

Separate the tomatoes into two grams - large and small. You give the big ones through the tomato cleaner, which only removes the sauce from them and separates the shells and seeds. You wash the small ones well and put them in the jars where you want to keep them.

The tomato sauce is put in a saucepan and boiled and left on fire until it drops and gets a little thicker. Put and salt, something more, to conserve better.

After the sauce has dropped, pour it hot into jars, over the tomatoes. Staple the jars well and bring to a boil, in a pot in which you put warm water. Make sure the water reaches the mouth of the jars, but never go over it.

Allow them to cool and keep them in the room.

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