First day of school: 11 tips to get rid of stress

First day of school: 11 tips to get rid of stress

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Like any parent, you want to provide your child with a fun and stress-free first day. With little preparation, this is possible. Experts in child rearing and education have drawn up a list of 11 tips to help you adapt the family program to the needs of the child, on the verge of a new school year.

The latest research in the field advances the idea that the most important factor that ensures the child's school performance is the involvement of the parent in his education. Here's how you can help your child have a good school year.

1. Establish the sleep schedule

Experts advise you to start sleeping your baby 10-15 minutes earlier, every evening, a few weeks before the start of school. This way, you will ensure an easy transition from the light summer program to the new autumn program. During the school year, children should sleep from 9 pm, especially if they are in primary school and have classes starting at 8 in the morning.

The children in the high school cycle that learn in the afternoon should go to bed at 10 o'clock and they need to wake up early to have breakfast and to learn their lessons.

2. Get organized early

Don't leave everything on the last hundred meters! Schedule a visit to your pediatrician or family doctor in advance to obtain evidence that your baby is "fit for study." It does not hurt to buy new clothes and clothes as soon as possible. You can catch different promotions in August, which will help you save beautiful money.

When everything is fine, you have no reason to stress. Your calm will inspire a positive state of the child.

3. Help your child get ready

Involve your child in all preparations for school. Take it with you for shopping and let him choose his box for sandwiches, support for colored pencils and covers for notebooks. There are lots of models of supplies and school supplies in shops, with funny design. Have fun together, choosing the coolest models.

4. Review the school routine

Familiarize your child with the school routine, by visiting the educational unit and discussing the school environment. If the school has a website, go to it together and view the photos in the gallery. The virtual tour of the school is of great help, especially if it is the first year of school for your child or you have moved to a new school.

5. Put your grandma or grandmother in the theme with the new child's program

Before starting school, talk to those who will take care of your child after returning from classes. Whether it's grandparents or grandmothers, they need to know the new program of the child. Determine who is going to pick him up from school together, if he is too young to go home alone.

6. Meet the teacher or supervisor

Build a relationship with the teacher or educator before starting school. Give him clues about the problems your child has had in previous years and inform him in what activities you would like to get involved. Some teachers prefer e-mail communication, others prefer face-to-face meetings. Make sure you can communicate, no matter what the method.

7. Share your child's memories

Tell your child about your own experiences with school and always try to maintain an optimistic tone and a positive atmosphere. Tell them about your favorite teachers, about the friendships you have bonded in school and dating now or about the fun projects in which you got involved as a student.

If you have been having problems during school, it may be difficult for you to hide your feelings towards your child. Do everything you can to maintain optimism and a positive attitude. Try to separate your own memories from the child's experience.

8. Be calm

The beginning of a new semester can be a stressful cause for your family, since everyone is involved in the organization. Try to avoid chaos and stay relaxed. If you are reconciled with things, there is a high chance that your child will feel the same. Stay calm and promote a harmonious family life. This way you keep your stress child safe and induce a sense of security.

9. Get ready the night before

The night before the school opens, emotions are at their highest. It is the ideal time to prepare for the big day. Put everything in sight: the backpack for school, clothes and other things you will need in the morning. Then relax. Have a pleasant evening, preparing a special family dinner or a festive dessert. This way, you will spend quality time with your loved ones.

10. Be ready on time

Once the big day arrives, stay tuned. If you have prepared everything in time, you have no reason to be anxious or to hurry. Enjoy the morning and go out the door with the baby smiling.

11. Plan fun activities

Have a small family session and decide together what you can do for fun after school hours. Even if you have to run to the supermarket to buy the latest supplies, take advantage of going out to the city to have fun with your child. Stop at the mall to watch a movie or go to the pantry.

The fun after the first day of school will eliminate all the stress you can feel.

How do you prepare your child for the first day of school? What useful tips can I offer to other moms to get rid of stress? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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