Post-vaccine or rubella inflammatory reaction?

Post-vaccine or rubella inflammatory reaction?


- I have a baby of 1 year and a month. 2 weeks ago I did the trivaccine, after which they appeared bubbling to the level of the nipples. These bumps began to disappear but, a few days ago, I noticed the appearance of suboccipital lymph nodes, the size of a pea seed. Nobody gave me a clear explanation. You can help me? [email protected]


There are several possibilities that a medical consultation is absolutely necessary. The most likely variants, the first ones to think about, are: 1) a post-vaccine inflammatory reaction and 2) rubella (measles) that often begins in the way described by you.

It is good to limit yourself with vaccinations to those vaccines that are obligatory and not to give the child others ("flu" is in vogue). There are children who hardly tolerate vaccinations.
Health wishes you,
dr. Mihnea DRAGOMIR
specialist in family medicine