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Magic and Illusionism show for children

Magic and Illusionism show for children

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The most modern Magic Show and Illusionism for children: interactive tricks, people on foot, jokes and surprises

On October 22nd, children and parents are waiting for the most modern magic show! The show will be supported by the well-known magician and illusionist Bogdan Muntean, a former competitor to the Romanians have Talent, designated the Best Magician of the year 2014 in Romania!

The BluParty team and Bogdan Muntean prepare an interactive show of magic and illusion for children, full of captivating magic tricks, light show and mysterious moments.

The show takes place on October 22, at the Children's Palace in Bucharest and it will last an hour, during which time the children and parents will attend a show with quality illusionism. Suitable for children, but also for adults, the Fantasmio show will be full of suspense, magic, humor and applause.

A video trailer of the show is available on the event page.

Who is the magician Bogdan Muntean?

Bogdan Muntean was appointed The Best Magician in Romania in 2014. This is the student of Matei Retos, the winner of the 1973 World Magic Championship.

Bogdan started his career as an illusionist in 2004, and since then has held hundreds of magic events for children and adults, and participated in the well-known television show Romanians have Talent!

“The shows staged by Bogdan are the most modern illusionist shows in Romania. We have been working together for several months on the concept of the show which will take place in October. Bogdan will create an atmosphere of storytelling through well-honed directing, scenography and complex magic tricks that fascinate children and parents. And the show will be very interactive, with many children coming to the stage with him for various tricks! ”Says Alexandra Timofte, coordinator of the BluParty brand event.

The organizers announce that the surprises will be held chain:

Before the show, parents and children will have the opportunity to meet a man on his feet and cheerful jokes, who will make a mini show meant to help them get into the story atmosphere.

Also, the participants will have the opportunity to photograph themselves in various funny situations, with accessories specially created for the event, but also with the magician.

When leaving, BluParty organizers will give the kids a surprise gift too!

How can you attend the event?

Date: Saturday, October 22, 2016

Time: 11: 00-12: 00

Location: Children's Palace - Little Hall, Youth Boulevard 8-10

Ticket price: 40 lei / person

Tickets are available in limited numbers on and!

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