Fantastic children's stories conquer the world

Fantastic children's stories conquer the world

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We didn't even wake up from the magic of the Dark Land of Mordor or the Hogwarts School of Wizards, as another captivating story takes us to Narnia, a fantastic land where animals talk. Frodo (Elijah Wood) from "The Master of the Rings" and Harry Potter from the series that bears his name (Daniel Radcliffe) have become, as in a dream, models for millions of teenagers, heroes who fight against evil. A third key character is also about to captivate Romanian filmmakers from January 6, 2006, Peter Pevensie, played by the British William Moseley, in "Chronicles of Narnia", directed by Andrew Adamson (" Shrek "). Four children, Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter, enter through a closet, and at the end of it finds a charming land, inhabited by strange creatures.

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