Moldavian Sarmalute

Moldavian Sarmalute

Moldovan sarmalut are traditional dishes, specific to the cuisine of the north of the country. These are wrapped as small as possible, being the only significant difference from the rest of the country.


Preparation time

120 minutes




0.5 kg pork

0.3 kg beef

0.2 kg sheep meat

100 ml of oil




Tomato juice



2 kg of pickled cabbage

1 bowl, without meat (for taste)

Method of preparation

Choose a cabbage with thin leaves, chop the meat well, and boil the rice in half. Chop the onion in the car and heat it separately. Put everything in a large bowl, mix, add, as you like, spices and make small salsas.

Bring to a boil a meat clean and slightly smoked, but well washed. Place in chopped cabbage, then, neatly, in superimposed rows, the sarmales. Sprinkle the sardines with tomato juice, cover everything with chopped cabbage and bake in a small fire, after either the water from the pan has been put, simple (or combined with tomato juice) and, if necessary, with fat.

Boil the shrimp over low heat, in the oven, covered, and, when ready, leave them 10 minutes without a lid.

Above, you can put thin slices of slightly fried onion or smoked sausage.

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