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Echinacea supports children's immunity

Echinacea supports children's immunity

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Echinacea is a popular immune stimulant, used to maintain optimal defense of the body. It has a broad spectrum of action, which is why parents use it to strengthen the immunity of their little ones and keep them away from common infections, colds and viruses in the flu category.

How does it help to protect the body?

The ability of the plant to stimulate the immune system is given by the content of polysaccharides, large sugar molecules that activate important processes of the immune system. Also, the use of echinacea stimulates the production of immune T cells, those that protect us from infections and viruses, and increases the number of immune cells called neutrophils, which play a major role in the primary anti-infectious defense of the body. They ensure the destruction (phagocytosis) and digestion of pathogenic microorganisms. Specifically, if an infection occurs, the neutrophils migrate to the site of infection and the immune defense is activated.

Echinacea also has antibacterial effect, acts as an adjuvant and helps reduce the duration and severity of symptoms of colds and respiratory viruses.

It reduces the recurrence of infections

Children between the ages of 3 and 8 have an immature immune system, and their resistance to viruses and bacteria is low. This explains the fact that when they enter the community they start a continuous fight with various viruses and infections. Common are bacterial and viral infections in the respiratory tract, which can cause inflammation of the tonsils, temperature, cough, irritability and the need to withdraw the child from the community. If these health problems persist, complications such as ear and sinus infections can be relatively easy, leading to otitis and sinusitis, respectively.

Echinacea can help reduce the recurrence of infections because it stimulates the body to produce more white immune cells and stimulates the body to produce interferon, a substance that blocks the replication of bacteria and viruses. Also, echinacea inhibits the enzyme that bacteria produce to penetrate healthy cells and in this way helps reduce the duration and recurrence of the disease.

It has anti-inflammatory effect

The annoying symptoms that appear in influenza and colds, such as inflammation of the tonsils, irritation of the airway, but also other types of inflammation, such as dermatological, can be relieved by echinacea. In addition, the plant helps to detoxify the blood, lymph and liver.

Choose only products for children!

There are a variety of echinacea-based products on the market, but children should only use products specifically designed for their age, in no case products used by adults. Make sure that the dietary supplement you choose for your child is 100% natural, of high quality, with a formula obtained from standardized extracts and with an optimum amount of active substances. It is important that the product has concentrations appropriate to the age of the children, so it is part of a special range for the little ones. In addition, the product must come from a well-known manufacturer that represents a guarantee for quality and efficiency.

The Echinacea product for children, 29.60 ml, from Secom® is intended for the natural support of the immunity of children, starting with the age of 6 months. Contains a mix of extracts from two types of Echinacea plants, for maximum efficiency: Echinacea purpurea (leaf and flower) and Echinacea angustifolia (root), plants from organically certified crops. Echinacea for children helps increase the number and activity of immune system cells, stimulates phagocytes, cells that consume pathogens, helps inhibit hyaluronidase, the enzyme secreted by bacteria that facilitates their penetration into healthy cells, inhibits replication of viruses, fungi and bacteria, stimulates tissue and reduces inflammation.

It also helps in blood and lymphatic detoxification and improves the liver detoxification function. The product is in liquid form, to facilitate the administration, and tastes of oranges, to the liking of the children. The product is recommended by the Romanian Society of Pediatrics.

Secom® products are available in pharmacies and shops with a naturalistic profile throughout the country, through online partner stores, as well as in the three Secom® stores in Bucharest, Stefan cel Mare str. 22, str. Stirbei Voda no. 150, bd. Iuliu Maniu no. 59 and the Secom® store in Ploiesti, bd. Republic no. 181. A complete list of them is available on

Secom® is the Romanian leading authority in integrative medicine solutions that respond to the needs of a healthy lifestyle of modern humans. Secom® portfolio covers the whole range of conditions, comprising over 180 100% natural products, most of them unique on the Romanian market: vitamins and minerals, standardized extracts of plants, fruits and vegetables, phyto-homeopathic formulas, medicinal mushrooms, glandular extracts , amino acids, enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics, a special line of baby products and medicinal creams.

The approach of integrative medicine is supported by exceptional natural products, studied scientifically and by specialized consulting services. Thus, the Secom® Naturopathic Consulting Center offers the most effective personalized natural solutions, applying the concept of integrative medicine which implies the combination of allopathic treatments with complementary therapies. The experience of over 11 years in scientific phytotherapy and the over 10,000 patients, with a wide range of conditions, with favorable results under the recommended complementary treatments, outline the image of authority in the field of the company.

By choosing Secom® you have the certainty that you have opted for the most effective natural solutions for health. For additional questions you can call the free Secom® green line (0800 873 266), and for contests and new articles, visit the Secom Romania Facebook page anytime.