Osteocare, complete calcium dose for your child

Osteocare, complete calcium dose for your child

Osteocare, complete calcium dose for your child.

Original Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc-Vitamin D3 formula, unique in syrup form

During the growth period of the little one, the calcium requirement is much higher. Unfortunately, nutrition does not cover all the needs of the body, and in Romania 90% of the children were identified with calcium and vitamin D deficiencies.

Therefore, a nutritional supplement is needed. Due to the complete Ca-Mg-Zn-vitamin D3 formula, the only formula on the market in the form of syrup, Osteocare is the best solution. Osteocare helps to form strong bones, through the synergistic action of the 4 elements: Ca-Mg-Zn-vitamin D3.

More than that, Osteocare helps from childhood in the fight with osteoporosis. Osteocare is the ideal solution for all problems, thanks to the innovative formula Ca + Mg + Zn + vit.D3, the first Ca-Mg concept in the world with the distinct therapeutic advantage of Mg for bone metabolism, developed by Prof. Arnold Bekett from the University of London.

It contains natural calcium in a form that ensures maximum absorption and can be administered to the little ones in syrup or effervescent version.

The source of calcium is natural, and the pleasant taste of orange makes it excellent tolerated by children. Choose the right one for your child: Syrup or effervescent osteocare.
Contains no sugar, preservatives or artificial colors


Capsule Osteocare - 25 RON
Osteocare syrup - 29 RON
Osteocare Fizz (effervescent) - 26 RON

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