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The natural way of feeding with the bottle

The natural way of feeding with the bottle

The nutrition of the baby is one of the main concerns of the mothers in the first years of life of the little ones. Because the healthy and harmonious development of the child is extremely important for parents, Philips AVENT Natural baby bottles and nipples They have been specially created to provide the baby with a feeding experience that is as natural and as close to that of breastfeeding. Thus, your baby can enjoy breast milk whether or not his mother is around.

It combines breastfeeding with bottle feeding in a natural way

Philips AVENT Natural nipples and nipples are the ideal solution for mothers who intend to combine breastfeeding with baby feeding. Bibs have nipples that mimic the shape of the nipple so that the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and vice versa is as easy as possible.

The nipples of the baby bottles are flexible due to the unique comfort petals inside them. Moreover, they have an advanced anti-colic system with two valves. The nipple design reduces colic and discomfort because the air is directed to the bottle and does not reach the baby's belly.

The right products, depending on the age

AVENT Natural nipples are adapted to the stage of development of your child. For newborns (from 0 months), the single-hole nipple is suitable. Slow flow and two holes are suitable for babies over one month old, and the medium flow with 3 holes for those over 3 months. If your baby is over 6 months old, use a 4-hole fast-acting nipple.

Ergonomic shaped cupboards, easy to hold even for babies

Philips AVENT Natural shutters have a unique ergonomic shape. They provide increased comfort for the baby as they are easy to tighten in any direction and easy to hold even the baby's handles. Depending on the needs of the little one, you can choose those made of polypropylene, available in two sizes: 125 ml and 260 ml, or those of 120 ml or 240 ml glass. The materials from which the bottles are made are BPA-free, being 100% safe for the baby's health.

The glass bottles, 120 ml or 240 ml, are made of pure borosilicilica glass, from France, and are printed with organic ink, made only from natural materials, to ensure the best quality and purity. These bottles are resistant to boiling and heat shock. Therefore, they can be stored in the refrigerator, heated and sterilized without problems. In addition, you should not worry about cleaning, because the AVENT Natural bottles have a wide neck, which makes them easy to clean.

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