Eat on saturates

Eat on saturates

It is a universal truth that "we must eat to live", but we must not live only to eat. Life, fortunately, has other joys to offer us many ways to make us happy.

First of all, we must eat to keep our strengths and not to satisfy our senses. Of course, the body must restore its energy that it consumed during the day and, in order to succeed, it needs food that will allow it to build and repair its tissues.

The law of hunger consists in meeting the needs of the body to compensate for its losses. It is therefore important, if you can, to eat when you are hungry and not when you are hungry.

Indeed, in this book I make a clear distinction between hunger and appetite. I emphasize this because, when you have decided to lose weight and also keep your weight, it is mandatory to eat only when you are hungry, for several reasons:

1. You have a frustration, meaning you feel bad in your own skin, without adding to the fact that you suffer from hunger.

2. You must get rid of the feeling that you are being punished when you follow a certain regime, which gives you the feeling that in order to lose weight you must "die" of hunger.

3. It is mandatory to quench your hunger, otherwise you will quickly give up the regime.

4. It is not good for a long time, because this unpleasant sensation could quickly become a source of aggression.

We can also feed without fattening, while appreciating the pleasures of a meal with healthy and balanced dishes: meat, fish, cheese, eggs, cereals, yogurts, vegetables and fruits.

Eat, therefore, on saturated foods without fear of getting fat.

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