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Games and toys for children from 3 to 6 months

Games and toys for children from 3 to 6 months

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Starting with this age, the baby discovers that playing with his or her own body can be extremely fun. He begins to fascinate the environment that surrounds him, becomes more and more curious and researcher and tries to analyze the space that surrounds him with his own instruments (hands, feet, mouth).

Toys are often considered optional, the first place being the study of one's own body and its relationships with the environment.

He begins to pick up the toys and objects around him, tastes them and looks at the researcher, then moves them from one hand to another.

At this age, there is a need for increased attention regarding the toys that the parents offer to the child. Due to the fact that the baby is mostly researching the toys and tasting them, the ones that can be swallowed should be avoided.

I attract her colorful toys

Beginning with the age of 6 months, children manage to stay seated at the bottom, so they gain a new perspective on exploring the world around them. It attracts colorful objects, moving objects or those that emit different sounds.

It is indicated that at this age the mother will arrange a play center in the crib or the cradle of the child. Several colored toys can be hung above it, which may eventually move or make different noises (indicated especially among children who spend most of their time on the horizontal).

Once the baby manages to sit on the bottom, he will try to move the baby or stay on his knees, he will want to explore the surrounding world as much as possible and will get bored pretty quickly by the crib toys.

Favorite toys at this age are sounders and sounders because babies love sounds and sounds in general.

For this reason, the mother can accompany the child playing with a fun, rhythmic music that animates the atmosphere and blesses the baby.

The child must always be surrounded by toys, whether he is at home, in his crib, when riding in a stroller or in the car. The accessories that can be attached to the baby's crib, stroller or car seat (the bars that can hold several toys) become necessary.

It is recommended small colored toys that emit sounds during movement and which the child can easily catch by hand. Plus animals or other fabrics are also preferred by children at this age. Recommended for plush animals or soft fluffy and beautiful smelling textiles.

Extra toys that have different accessories that are potentially dangerous to a child of this age (plastic eyes, bushy tails, artificial hair, twine or ribbons) should not be used.

Rubber toys are also recommended for infants older than 3-6 months. Besides the fact that they can be used in the bathtub, they are quite safe if they are inserted into the mouth, especially since at this age this will happen quite frequently (reflexive introduction of toys or hands in the mouth, in order to get them calm the pain due to the eruption of the milk teeth).

6 month old baby books

Books can also be used from 6 months old. At this age, you start to develop and the child is attracted by the colorful pictures or images that represent girls, objects or animals.

As we discussed earlier, the stories read in the evening at bedtime calms and relaxes the child, this ritual sometimes continuing until the age at which the child learns to read alone. Like reading, the mother's singing has a positive, calming effect on the child.

The blankets and the beds for the children, are endless from the crib or the cradle of small children. Most of the time they are colorful, pleasant to the touch and are hypoallergenic. There are countless accessories of this kind on the market, the most recommended being: pillows and blankets with animal prints, blankets or rugs with prints representing streets that the child can play with dolls and cars (at older ages).

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