CONIL Fest, Integration Festival, XIV Edition

CONIL Fest, Integration Festival, XIV Edition

The National Children's Palace is in celebration! The 28th edition of CONIL Fest - The Festival of Integration will take place on January 28-29, 2017.

During the two days, over 1500 typical children and children with special needs will take to those present in a world of poetry, dance, singing and sports competitions, in a perfect artistic marathon, organized by the enthusiastic organizers - CONIL Association and 3M Association, in partnership with PROEDUS and Bucharest City Hall.

Exciting, glamorous and sensitive moments will be offered to us by our special guests from the schools for the hearing impaired, psychomotor impaired or visually impaired, thus demonstrating that beyond any disability there is a skill to be promoted.

Children from 3-18 years old from kindergartens and public and private schools in Bucharest and from the country are invited to attend this important cultural event.

The CONIL Association aims to support the integration of children with special educational needs and the promotion of true talents.

During the two days of the festival, the audience is free to enter the hall.

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