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New York Diet

New York Diet

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The New York Diet is a weight loss diet plan invented by one of the most respected fitness trainer of the stars: David Kirsch. The alert pace of the diet was what inspired the instructor to give him the name of the most interesting city in America, about which he considers himself "never sleepy." Discover the diet that loses you no less than 7 kilograms in a few weeks and helps you reduce your waist circumference by 15 cm!

Heidi Klum, Kim Cattrall, Anne Hathaway and Michelle Obama are just a few of the celebrities who went through the clever "hand" of celebrity David Kirsch. They managed to lose weight healthy and harmonious, displaying today silhouettes worthy of everyone's envy.

New York diet plan

The New York Diet is a low-calorie diet organized in 3 phases. Each phase has an important role in the weight loss process, in reducing the waist circumference, but also in preventing the yo-yo effect, ie the return of the kilograms in weight.

Step 1

The first phase of the diet is attack and is the most demanding. If you are willing and able to overcome the restrictions and burdens imposed in the first 2 weeks of the diet, as long as this phase lasts, the other stages will be much easier to cross. The main rules that you must adhere to during the first 2 weeks of the diet are:

  • reducing the caloric intake to maximum 1000 calories, but to no less than 800 calories per day;
  • exclusion from the menu of the following foods: dairy products, fruits, coffee, alcohol, fats, sweets, breads, potatoes.

In the first phase of the diet, the menu will consist mainly of vegetables, chicken breast, fish, turkey and egg whites.

Phase 2

The middle phase of the New York diet also lasts 2 weeks and involves a daily caloric intake of 1000 calories. From a food point of view, the same rules are observed as in the first phase, the only change being the addition of fruits, potatoes and egg yolks in the menu.

Phase 3

In the last phase of the diet gradually returns to the dietary style prior to the diet. Even if it is allowed to return to the normal diet, the inventor of the diet still recommends avoiding alcohol and fat and limiting carbohydrates as much as possible.

Diet Sport New York

In order to obtain the desired results, the food plan must be combined harmoniously with the physical movement. The celebrity trainer aligns with the unanimously accepted opinion of nutritionists and specialists everywhere, who argue that he or she is weak and healthy only when the diet is combined with a physical training program.

Kirsch does not necessarily emphasize stressful and demanding workouts, especially if you are not an active person. He recommends any form of physical movement, even simple walks through the park, as long as they are performed constantly throughout the diet.

But for remarkable weight loss results, but also for developing muscle mass and getting a toned body, the trainer recommends regular cardio exercise programs, combined with resistance training.

Have you ever tried dieting New York? Do you think a light weight cure? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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