Ecology time: We have fun, we color, we learn to recycle!

Ecology time: We have fun, we color, we learn to recycle!

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Even if you are young, your child can learn what recycling means, its importance and its beneficial effect on Earth. Being educated early on how to protect the environment, how to recycle or save energy, are clear and simple solutions to turn the earth into a cleaner place.

Mac-Mac Publishing House, the first and only 100% green children's publishing house in Romania and the Diverta chain, the largest office and stationery distributor in Romania, offers your child the first recycling courses.

"Ecology time" is the first lesson for your child, in which he will learn about how important it is to protect nature. He will meet SuperMac, who will tell them about how recycled paper is produced, participate in creative workshops and take pictures that he can keep as a souvenir.

The events will take place from September 29 to December 1, every Saturday, starting at 5:00 pm, as follows:

  • September 29 and October 6 - Baneasa Shopping City Diverta

  • October 13 and 20 - Vitan Mall Fun

  • October 27 and November 3 - Diverta Plaza Romania

  • November 10 and 17 - Sun Plaza Fun

  • November 24 and December 1 - Fun Unirea

Furthermore, on December 6, at the Diverta Magheru store, the little ones are invited to present their objects made with their handles from recycled materials, where SuperMac will offer them gifts from Santa Nicolae. To participate in the event, parents are asked to register their children at the email address [email protected], where they will specify the name and age of the child and attach the picture of the built object. Entries can be made between September 29 - December 4.

For the event on December 6, access is made only on the basis of email registration.

So, dear friends, we are waiting for you to meet SuperMac and the partners who help him make beautiful surprises for children: Mac-Mac Kids, Diverta stores, General Insurance, Aquafresh, Aquatique, Magura, Nesquik, Nestle - "Start healthy, Grow healthy. "

We have fun, we color, we learn to recycle!

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