Three premieres in February at the Comic Opera for Children and another 13 until the end of the season

Three premieres in February at the Comic Opera for Children and another 13 until the end of the season

Comic Opera for Children announces three shows for the premiere in February: the musical "Little Dorothy" (February 11 and 12) at the Great Hall, the musical "Punguta cu Doi Bani" (February 4 and 5) and the ballet "Eliza, Little Flower" ( February 17 and 18), both at the UnderGrant Hall. By the end of the 2016-2017 season, the institution will present another 13 shows in the premiere, being the theater with the most awards during a season.

The musical "Punguta cu Doi Bani" marks the inauguration of the third room of the Comic Opera for Children, the UnderGrant Hall, with a capacity of 130 seats. The show is part of the program "Trilogia Creanga 180", along with "Ivan Turbinca" and "Harap Alb", which Comic Opera for Children performs this spring, to celebrate 180 years since the birth of the great storyteller. Directed by Gabriela Dumitru, this trilogy is set in the direction of the institution to encourage young creators, along with the project competition "UnderGrant Season", whose results will be made public in March.

The musical "Little Dorothy", directed by Antoaneta Cojocaru, is based on the highly successful novel "The Wizard of Oz", written by Lyman Frank Baum. The show brings together a young and energetic team, which conveys much joy. Placed in a miraculous setting, thought by Vladimir Turturica, the musical reminds us of the fairy tale we live in imagination, in childhood. The music, signed by Marius Teicu, gives the stories new meanings, to the liking of the little ones, in the interpretation of the soloists of the Comic Opera for Children.

The ballet "Eliza, Little Flower" is inspired by the piece created by George Bernard Shaw after the ancient story of Pygmalion and Galate, transfigured in the modern world by Professor Henry Higgins and the beautiful florist Eliza Doolittle. In this classical ballet, the public is invited to accompany the young Eliza in her transformation, in dance steps, into a real lady, under the careful supervision of her mentor, Professor Higgins.

By the end of the current season, the Comic Opera for Children is preparing another 13 shows for the premiere: "Pinocchio" (at the Great Hall), "Cello Concert", "With Nino in London", "Harp Concert", " Nino Arlechino "," Piano Concert-lesson "," Musical Hall "," Violin and Piano Concert-lesson "," Theater Director "(at Mozart Hall)," Sound Story "," Ivan Turbinca "," Underground Tango ”and“ Harap Alb ”(the UnderGrant Room).