8 ways you and your child can share Valentine's Day love

8 ways you and your child can share Valentine's Day love

Valentine's Day is also known as the Feast of Love. Take the opportunity to talk to your child about this feeling and the experiences that are associated with it. Show him what true love means through a few handy examples.

St. Valentine's Day is not just for lovers. Instead, it's about love and the purpose of life. So share your love with your child with the help of these cute ideas:

Make congratulations

The handmade greetings from Saint Valentine are extremely interesting and at the same time educational projects for you and your child. They become small works of art through which you can show the little one what it means to bring a smile on one's face. Because the grandmother, the educator or the teacher, each of them will greatly enjoy receiving in gift, even on Valentine's Day, a greeting made with love by the little man's hands.

Make someone happy

Another way to show the child what love means to their neighbor is volunteering or charity work. Talk to people about financial problems, for example, and ask them to choose a toy and some sweets to give as a gift to a child in a needy family. Go together and buy clothes or a pair of boots for such a child and let your little one be the one offering them. The connection between the two children can mean a great deal to their development.

Improvise a picnic on the carpet

It's still not the time for outdoor fun, but that doesn't mean you can't get in the game of little ones and improvise a picnic right on the carpet in the living room. With everything you need: plastic plates, plastic glasses and cutlery, soft drinks and red or pink paper towels. This game will delight the little one very much.

Make cakes with ravas

One of the activities that children love is cooking. They are fascinated by the kitchen, kneading dough, molding coke. Take advantage of this and prepare the spoiled cakes together. Let the little one draw the papers or have him dictate messages for the family members to put in the dough. You will be fascinated by the reactions of your loved ones to the discovery of the ravages.

Bake sweet cake

And because we talked about cakes, just as well you can shape sweet cake shapes, then decorate them all together and give them to those who come to your house. Cut the sweet cake into heart shapes, wrap it in cellophane, then tie the packages with red or pink ribbon. Let the little one decide who to give to the school.

Offer flowers

Buy roses or freesias and pay a visit to people you know would be very happy to see you: grandparents, aunts, old neighbors. Let the little one give them a flower and formulate a text of appreciation with his words. After all, the recipient of the flowers can be anyone who considers the least suitable: the school keeper, the newspaper salesman, the educator or the policeman at the head of the street.

Plant flowers

Teach the child what love means not only to people, but also to nature. Buy seedlings and plant them together in pots, then explain how to care for them to grow large and beautiful. In order to stimulate his patience and curiosity, you can put seeds in the sprout. It is a perfect opportunity to explain the whole process by which a plant develops. Show him how much it means to care for the good of a plant, paralleling the care of parents for children.

Let him prepare breakfast

For a child, acting like a responsible adult is a very big challenge. Tell him again in the evening that he would like you in the morning if you reverse the roles and he will prepare you, his parents, breakfast. Be careful not to leave sharp objects at hand. You can leave a kind of heart-shaped cake to cut the slices of bread that the sweet will put. It is important that everything you need is placed at its level, in order not to have to climb in the chair, especially since it will do everything unattended.

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