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Silan Supreme, a premium range of laundry conditioner inspired by fine French perfumes

Silan Supreme, a premium range of laundry conditioner inspired by fine French perfumes

There is nothing more pleasing than being spoiled with sophisticated perfumes, precious jewelry and elegant haute couture outfits, made from the most delicate fabrics. These are some of the most precious moments, of a special sensual delicacy, for which life is worth living! With such moments it wants to surprise you the new collection of Silan Supreme balms, the latest innovation from Henkel in the field of clothes care.

Inspired by sophisticated French perfumes, Silan Supreme offers your clothes the ultimate Parisian glamor and perfume, with millions of particles to soften the entire wardrobe and laundry in your home.

With 3 sensational aromas, the new Silan Supreme collection will definitely become a favorite for lovers of fine and sensual perfumes. For a product exclusively for the care of clothes, Silan Supreme has focused a lot on designing the base note of the perfume. Therefore, it not only contains notes of noble wood and white musk, but also some delicate floral notes, to the delight of every consumer.

Romance - full of refinement, Silan Supreme Romance is available in an attractive pink bottle, which will transpose consumers on the elegant streets of Paris, for a walk in the middle of spring. Inspired by the sophisticated French perfumes, Silan Supreme Romance surprises by the fruity notes that come to complement the romantic floral notes given by roses, sandalwood and musk.

glamor - Available in a gold glossy packaging, Silan Supreme Glamor illustrates the luxurious and precious lifestyle that people aspire to. This balm variant is inspired by a classic French perfume, eternally fashionable, the elegant and original floral-woody flavor being enhanced by fresh notes of oranges from Sicily and parchment from Calabria.

Passion - purple is the color of passion, and through its stylish, purple color and sensual perfume, Silan Supreme Passion aims to make our hearts beat more forcefully. This balm was inspired by a classic French perfume, but also modern. Thus, Silan Supreme Passion combines precious ingredients such as tonka beans, woody notes, as well as vanilla and lush flowers, such as jasmine and eternal rose.

The new Silan Supreme collection has a unique packaging on the market, but also an innovative garment care technology, a combination that perfectly illustrates the premium emblem of the new range. Silan Supreme is available on the market in two presentation variants: 600 ml and 1.2 l.

Thanks to the new Silan Supreme collection, your clothes will retain a seductive scent and will be incredibly soft. It will be your little sensory pleasure!